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Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program

students working in a lab

Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program

The BMCC CSTEP Program provides hands-on training in the STEM fields of science, mathematics, technology, and health. CSTEP prepares students for careers in these fields through a variety of workshops, career development seminars, and research-based inquiry.

The goal of the CSTEP program is to increase the number of under-represented groups in STEM-related fields and to facilitate bridges for student research with scientists at four year colleges and universities. Learn more about the benefits of joining CSTEP.

CSTEP Eligibility Requirements

Under-represented groups include individuals who describe themselves as being African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, or Alaskan Native. Individuals who do not fall under these classifications can still join the CSTEP program based on economic need. Learn more about the economic eligibility requirements for CSTEP.

CSTEP promotes academic excellence, and so a minimum grade point average of 2.75 is required to enter the program. 

CSTEP Research Projects

At BMCC, CSTEP involves doing a research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor, weekly workshops and seminars, and participation in the BMCC Annual Research Symposium to be held in May 2019. Learn more about the CSTEP student research presentations.


Go over the steps to take in order to join CSTEP