Message from the Interim President to Faculty (03/30/20)

Dear BMCC Faculty,

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. We have many faculty, staff and students in our community directly affected by the virus, so our hearts go out especially to them.

As you know, the Chancellor announced a period of recalibration from March 27-April 1, primarily to allow for the distribution of thousands of iPads and Chromebooks to CUNY students to ensure equitable access to the technology they need to succeed as we deliver instruction entirely from a distance. BMCC’s device distribution continues tomorrow.

As essential to our mission, we are collectively committed to advancing equity and improving student learning and success, so I ask for your continued support of our students. It is very confusing to students that some faculty are continuing to teach during the recalibration period, after having been told by CUNY that they are off.

The BMCC Academic Senate resolution to continue classes does not override a directive from the Chancellor. Out of fairness to them, no student should be penalized for not attending or turning in assignments during this recalibration period. We ask for your patience, understanding and flexibility.

Thank you as always for the good work you do for our students. Please continue to take good care of yourselves, your families and those around you.