Rationale for Onsite Program: Nursing

(120 Total Students Onsite – Monday thru Saturday)

Nursing as a discipline requires both didactic and hands-on learning. All of the nursing courses (NUR 112, 211, 313, 411) are planned as hybrid format with the exception of NUR 415 which is done completely online.

  • All didactic portion of the courses are done remotely via Zoom/Bb meetings (synchronously or asynchronously at the discretion of the professors). The clinical portion is also done remotely via vSIM, case studies, Zoom meetings for pre & post-conferences, and clinical assignments.
  • The lab skills portion and hands-on simulation require physical attendance. Students need to practice and pass practical skills (injections, IV administration, blood pressure readings, catheterization, suctioning, etc.) Simulation experiences are scheduled at the NYSIM Center.
  • Additionally, proctored testing has been extremely difficult to implement remotely in the spring semester. There is no available remote system at this time to BMCC faculty and students. Therefore, in order for the security of exams and the integrity of what students have learned, faculty needs to be able to administer proctored exams onsite.
  • Computer rooms (S605 & S603) will allow for computerized proctored testing for one nursing section at a given time with 30 min. between each section.
  • Nursing rooms (S747, S748, N758) will be used for one nursing section at a time with 30 min. between each session. No more than 10 students will be in each room at a given time.
  • All rooms will have sanitizing wipes and gloves provided on regular basis by Buildings and Grounds.
  • This plan has been thought out focusing on the safety of the students, faculty, and staff as priority. Faculty is fully aware that if there’s a second wave of COVID-19 outbreak then we have no choice but to eliminate practicum skills and NYSIM experience from the curriculum this fall semester again.