Resolving Incomplete (INC) Grades

If you are a student who has been assigned an INC grade, it means that you have not completed all of your assignments in your class. Your instructor had reasonable expectation that you can receive a passing grade after completing the missing assignments and agreed to work with you to make up the missing work. You also agreed with your instructor to finish the missing work. You may still have time to finish your missing work to receive a letter grade before your INC grade turns to an “FIN”.

Take the following steps:

  1. You should reach out to your professor to confirm that it is not too late to submit your missing work and which assignments you need to submit in order to earn a letter grade.
  2. All missing coursework must be completed no later than the deadline posted on the academic calendar. If your work is not submitted by that deadline, your INC will become an FIN (failure from incomplete). An FIN grade factors into a student’s GPA as an F and a faculty may not be able to change it to a letter grade after the deadline.

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