BMCC Appreciates Departing Staff

Gloria Chao
Gloria Chao, Penelope Jordan, Meryl Kaynard and Chris Thunberg

BMCC Community,

The College wishes to express its appreciation to the following individuals who are leaving the BMCC community.

Gloria Chao has been with BMCC for 35 years. Starting as a college assistant in Administrative Planning, Gloria has progressively earned other positions including Human Resources Specialist, Deputy Director of Human Resources, Director of Human Resources and later appointed as Executive Director of Human Resources in 2020, serving as a member of the President’s Cabinet. Throughout her years at BMCC, Gloria has promoted HR services including training and growth opportunities that support individual success and further BMCC’s values and mission. Gloria’s last day is July 31.

Penelope Jordan served as the Director of Health Services at BMCC for 17 years. “Nurse Penny,” as she was known on campus, was instrumental in helping the College follow necessary protocols during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and she also served on the frontlines as an ER nurse. Penelope brought her health care expertise to the campus and offered health services and advisement to students, faculty and staff. Jordan’s last day was June 30.

Meryl Kaynard served as the Acting Executive Legal Counsel and Labor Designee for 3 years. In this capacity, she assisted with legal and labor matters, and she served as a member of the President’s Cabinet. Meryl’s last day is July 16.

Chris Thunberg served as the Director of BMCC’s Center for Career Development for 3 years. In his role, Chris was responsible for leading the Center’s efforts in providing career development opportunities, workshops and services for students across the college. Chris’ last day is July 15.

As BMCC employees, you contribute to the diverse ethnic and cultural fabric of higher education by addressing the needs of students and working alongside other faculty and staff every day. Your contributions and extraordinary service are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support and your continued commitment to carry out our mission as an institution.

Announcements regarding staff transitions in these office and departments mentioned above will be shared with the college community in the near future. We thank each of these departing staff members for their dedication and service to the College.

Please join me in wishing them well.


Anthony E. Munroe signature

Anthony E. Munroe
President, Borough of Manhattan Community College