The Virtual Campus: Using the BMCC OpenLab to Create Community, Foster Sense of Belonging, and Increase Student Engagement

Amount Awarded

$63,612 (Project Timeline: 1 year)

Project Description

Since its launch in 2019, the OpenLab has garnered interest among faculty and staff, particularly those who are involved in open educational resources (OER). These faculty and staff and their activities have been the largest driver of students to the OpenLab. They have been supported by a part-time learning experience designer, Syelle Graves, as well as CETLS, Library, and E-Learning staff. This project seeks to directly engage students and student-facing offices through the OpenLab by providing them with the same kind of support system that faculty now enjoy. The OpenLab is well suited to projects that involve community building, student interaction, student profiles, and portfolios. We see potential for student engagement and support through the OpenLab with programs and departments across Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, and more, but greatly need additional staff in order to fully carry out this potential.