Restoring Good Academic Standing through the Gaining Academic Insight & New Strategies (G.A.I.N.S.) Program

Amount Awarded

$114,000 (Project Timeline: 2 years)

Project Description

The project focuses on the exploration of a new cohort program for first-time academic probation students: Gaining Academic Insight and New Strategies (G.A.I.N.S). G.A.I.N.S will begin with an assessment using the LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory) to create an individualized plan for each student on probation. Students will meet with their advisor to make sure that the course schedules align with the challenges they identify in the LASSI. Each G.A.I.N.S student will be assigned an Academic Success Advocate with whom they meet for extra guidance and support. After successful completion of the program students will be encouraged and guided to enroll in other BMCC cohort programs. The goal is to increase student’s agency, self-advocacy, and responsibility for their academic progress through understanding their struggles. This project aligns directly with many of BMCC strategic goals, most importantly reducing probation rates and increasing student retention. It directly aligns with the goal of increasing the cohort experience and using data supported interventions that are culturally responsive, and trauma informed.