Black Studies Across the Americas

Amount Awarded

$125,000 (Project Timeline: 1 year)

Project Description

The Department of Ethnic and Race Studies (DERS) is partnering with the Office of Internships and Experiential Learning to request funding for a collaborative international research program, “Black Studies Across the Americas.” In this hybrid program, cohorts of DERS faculty, faculty from fields not traditionally associated with Ethnic and Race Studies (Business, Mathematics, Science, and CIS), BMCC students, and students from international institutions in Latin America will work together to complete research projects in Black Studies and create educational outcomes that will benefit their respective communities (websites, course assignments, projects, resources, or presentation materials). Potential collaborating institutions are located in sites where we have established relationships through study abroad and which serve Afro-descendant populations: Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Peru. Faculty will be recruited across departments to mentor students throughout their research and BMCC students will receive stipends for their participation and students abroad will also receive support through their respective institutions, which will be provided with funds.