CHI 476 - Chinese Civilization and Language

This is a study abroad course that further develops students¿ Chinese language skills and expands their knowledge of Chinese culture and social development. The course is offered as the major part of the Study-Abroad-in-China Program, which includes a combination of class meetings, seminars and field trips to places of historic interest and cultural importance. The course provides opportunities for students to gain first-hand experience about contemporary Chinese cultural life. While participating in skill-based language learning activities that improve students¿ competence in listening, speaking, readng and writing, the course gives students opportunities to attend lectures that provide information about Chinese cultural patterns, customs, literature, history, social development and traditions of art and music. The course adopts a unique transcultural-linguistic approach to instruction that efficiently facilitates and enhances the learning of Chinese language and culture. Prerequisite: CHI 102 or above, or proficiency in CHI 102 as determined by the Modern Languages Department placement test and at least 3 credits in a foreign language taught at CUNY.

Course Credit: 3