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Pathways Common Core is Optional

Continuing students and students who entered BMCC prior to Fall 2013 but were absent for only ONE semester, can choose whether they wish to complete their existing degree requirements or change to Pathways.  Students who wish to change to Pathways, must do so in consultation with an academic advisor and OPT-IN by signing a contract.  If a student wishes to opt-in to Pathways, they cannot change back to their previous degree requirements. By default, all continuing students are required to complete the existing degree requirements for their major unless you request to opt-in to Pathways.

BMCC General Education Requirements vs. CUNY Pathways Common Core

Prior to Fall 2013, BMCC requires students complete General Education Requirements along with curriculum requirements in order to graduate with an AA or AS degree.  Each individual major at BMCC requires different General Education requirements.  Under Pathways, beginning in Fall 2013, the Common Core will replace BMCC's existing General Education requirements for AA and AS degrees.  Each AA and AS degree program at BMCC will be made up of the 30-credit Common Core and an additional 30-32 credits of major or curriculum requirements. Although each student entering in fall 2013 will need to complete the Common Core, each major may recommend specific courses that students should take to satisfy the Common Core and also provide the academic foundation needed to be successful in the specific major. 

  • View how BMCC's General Education Requirements compare to CUNY Pathways Common Core for the Liberal Arts major.

Advantages of Opting-In to Pathways

Students who are eligible to opt-in to Pathways must make an informed decision. The number of completed credits, the specific courses that have been completed and the remaining credits and courses left for graduation will play a role in determining if changing to Pathways is advantageous. The advantage of changing to Pathways is that once a Common Core course is successfully completed at BMCC, this course will also be considered completed upon transfer to any other CUNY school.  This means students will not have to repeat courses under the Required and Flexible Core.

If you are a continuing student who chooses to complete the existing AA or AS degree requirements that were in place when you entered BMCC, once you transfer to any other CUNY college, you will be required to complete the Pathways College Option.  You will also need to complete the College Option requirement which requires an additional 6-12 credits that must be taken at a CUNY senior college.

Students Who SHOULD Consider Opting-in to Pathways:

  • Students who entered BMCC in Spring 2013
  • Students enrolled in developmental coursework (i.e. ESL courses, ENG 88, ACR 94 and/or MAT 8)
  • Students who have earned less than 15 college credits

Disadvantages of Opting-In to Pathways

For some students, changing to Pathways may extent the anticipated date of graduation. Changing to Pathways requires students to take Pathways-approved courses under the Required and Flexible Core which may cause students to take more than 60-62 credits to graduate with an AA or AS degree. This may also affect a student's eligibility to receive Federal and State Financial Aid.  

Students Who Should NOT Opt-in to Pathways:

  • Students with 30 or more credits

Opt-In to Pathways

After consulting with an Academic Advisor, if you wish to OPT-IN to Pathways, you must complete an Opt-In to Pathways Contract.  This contract details the terms to changing to Pathways.  Please keep in mind, once you change to Pathways, you cannot change back to the degree requirements in place the semester you entered BMCC.  To OPT-IN to Pathways, please print and review the contract below and visit the Academic Advisement and Transfer Center (S108) where you will meet with an advisor to officially change to Pathways.

OPT-IN to Pathways Contract