NUR 313 - Nursing Process III: Pediatric and Basic Medical-Surgical Nursing Care

This course is composed of a seven-week component in Nursing Care of Children and a seven-week component in Basic Medical-Surgical Nursing Care. The Pediatric Nursing component focuses on the child's physical, social, and emotional reaction to illness, the nurse's role in providing support to the child and the members of his/her family during periods of stress. Emphasis is placed upon differences between each phase of growth and development trends in care and measures utilized to promote a healthy childhood and adolescence. The Basic Medical-Surgical Nursing component builds upon previous nursing knowledge and techniques already introduced. Major emphasis is placed upon common recurring health problems. Psycho-social nursing techniques are emphasized as they relate to the care of the client with selected health problems.
Prerequisites: NUR 211 and all previous prerequisites, Corequisites: SPE 100, ENG 201.

Course Credit: 8

Lab Hours: 4HRS.