NUR 211 - Nursing Process II: Obstetrical and Psychiatric Nursing Care

This course is composed of a seven-week Maternal and Newborn Care component and a seven-week psychiatric Mental Health Nursing component. The Maternal and Newborn Care component focuses on the role of the nurse in the care of the child-bearing family during the antepartal, intrapartal and the postpartal phases of the maternity cycle, as well as the immediate care of the normal newborn and premature infant. The Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Component introduces the student to basic mental concepts, interventions in crisis and family violence, severe mental health disorders, and substance use disorders highlighting treatment for individuals and families within the community.
Prerequisites: NUR 112, BIO 426, PSY 240, Corequisites: BIO 420.

Course Credit: 8

Lab Hours: 4HRS.