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Admission to the Nursing Program

All Nursing applicants' records are compiled by the Nursing Department's Academic Advisor and reviewed by the Department's Admissions/Recruitment/ Review Committee in order to determine eligibility into the Nursing Program. Students must meet the following criteria: Pass the ACT test in reading and writing, and the CUNY test in mathematics. Complete the required pre-requisite courses with a minimum GPA of 2.5; the lowest acceptable grade in a required pre-requisite course is "C". Students must also maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.

Degree Programs

The department has a limit on the number of matriculants allowed in the Nursing Program. While a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 in the required pre-requisite courses and an overall Grade point Average of 2.5 are the minimum requirements for consideration of an application, these do not guarantee admission into the Nursing Program. The stronger the group of applicants in any given semester, the higher GPA in the required pre-requisite courses and overall GPA are needed for admission. The Department accepts CUNY's policy in reference to the "F" and "C-" grade (policy adopted 9/1/90) for non-nursing courses. The "F" and "C-" policy does not apply to Nursing courses and the four required pre-requisite courses (ENG 101, PSY 100, MAT 104 and BIO 425). Source: CUNY "F" grade policy (revised 9/1/94). Effective Spring 1995. Attain an overall College cumulative average of 2.5 minimum. This average includes grades for ALL courses applicable to the Nursing Curriculum taken at or transferred into BMCC BEFORE ADMISSION into the Nursing Program.

NOTE: Because of budgetary and space considerations, only a limited number of qualified students are admitted into the Borough of Manhattan Community College's Nursing Program. Students with the higher ranking in both required pre-requisite course GPA and overall GPA will be selected for admission into the Nursing Program. Due to limited seat availability, any student who is eligible to enter the Nursing Program may be required to wait one to three semesters before beginning the Nursing Program. However, the college does not guarantee entry into the program.

NOTE: Fifteen seats per semester are allocated to students who are sponsored and qualified members of the 1199 SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund; five seats in the Evening/Weekend Program per semester are allocated to students who are sponsored and qualified full-time employees of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.


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