Student Nurse Summer Extern Programs

Each summer area hospitals, municipal, voluntary and private offer student nurse summer extern experiences.

Although these programs are not an official part of the curriculum, students are encouraged to participate in those where they meet the criteria for candidacy. E.g., in some, only completion of Fundamentals of Nursing (NUR. 112) is required. In others, students must have completed a Medical-Surgical component (Nur. 313).

The programs afford student nurses the opportunity to gain added clinical experiences and exposure to a hospital environment. Likewise, some also offer conferences and seminars that enhance nursing content knowledge.

Where possible, students should plan to participate in these programs. Besides the experiences gained, in some instances, the summer position enhances the graduate's ability to obtain a job upon completion of the program.

NOTE: All students are advised that wearing the school's uniform while engaging in the summer extern program is PROHIBITED.



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