Tomorrow’s Leaders Begin Fellows Program

December 12, 2017

On December 11 in the Fiterman Conference Center, 15 of BMCC’s best and brightest full-time staff members gathered for a reception honoring their selection into the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) Leadership Fellows Program, Leading from the Middle.

“The Leadership Fellows Program reaffirms our efforts to prepare BMCC’s future leaders, to not only formulate innovative solutions but to ensure that BMCC retains its prominence as one of leading community colleges nationally,” said Antonio Pérez, President of BMCC.

Funded by the American Express Foundation, the program attracts talented individuals—and prospective leaders—working throughout BMCC. The Fellows were selected through a formal application, and recommendation of the selection committee.

This year’s program will focus on the role the Fellows play in ensuring the success of the College, and how they support the people they supervise and inspire. An intensive training will take place January 8 through 12, 2018. Experts on topics related to policy, management and issues confronting urban community colleges will provide intensive seminars for the Fellows. These experts include college presidents, CUNY senior officials and prominent experts in the field of higher education.

The Fellows will also meet with a mentor at BMCC, and participate in quarterly meetings with BMCC President Antonio Pérez and senior administrators at the College. Fellows will be responsible for completing a yearlong project relating to the college’s five-year strategic plan, and they will be expected to complete other activities that demonstrate their leadership capabilities.

“The current cohort represents our largest and most diverse group of Leadership Fellows,” says John Montanez, Dean of the Office of Sponsored Programs. “It also underscores BMCC’s commitment to succession planning and the development of future leaders capable of responding to the challenges facing the college and most importantly, our students.”

2018 Leadership Fellows

Nandrani Algu, Learning Resource Center

Ray Bartholomew, ASAP

Kristina Borowski, Academic Advisement

Louis Chan, Public Affairs

Mariana Chapen, Student Activities

Katty Cherubin, Enrollment Call Center

Maria Deckinger, Human Resources

Karen Ehrlich, Academic Advisement

Courtney Fusco, BMCC Learning Communities

Joseph Ginese, New/First Year Experience

Ashtian Holmes, Urban Male Leadership Academy

Vinton Melbourne, Media Center

Thierry Thesatus, Career Development

Bryce Tolbert, College Discovery

Franklin Winslow, Learning Resource Center

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  • BMCC Leadership Fellows Program funded by American Express
  • Fifteen staff members from across the College selected for 2018 program
  • Fellows will attend sessions with exemplary higher education leaders, and complete a 1-year project

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