Students Earn Awards for Contributions and Achievements Outside of the Classroom

May 24, 2019

Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) celebrated student achievement on May 23 with the first annual Student Achievement Awards, presented by the Office of Student Affairs.

The awards celebrate the success of students outside the classroom and their outstanding contributions to the college community. Many of these accomplishments and contributions are documented on the student’s Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT). The ceremony was an opportunity to recognize those students who have distinguished themselves as students who embraced the complete collegiate experience.

“At BMCC, we put pride into providing students with opportunities and experiences that take place outside the classroom,” said Michael Hutmaker, Dean of Student Affairs at BMCC.

Those experiences could include a variety of activities such as working in a research lab, being victorious on the athletic field, showcasing creative abilities, serving the BMCC community or leading a campus organization.

BMCC faculty and staff nominated the students in each of the categories. The winners were announced during the ceremony on May 23, which included profiles of each nominee and their involvement at BMCC.

Artist of the Year – Recognizing the creative work of a student whose artistic contributions excelled well beyond classroom requirements.

Nominees: Michelle Cuizon (winner), Dalia Gonzalez, Shane Kearns, Theodore Mankiewicz, Fitzville Martin

Athlete of the Year – Recognizing best all-around athlete for performance on and off the field of play.

Nominees: Daoda Coulibaly, Quran Dublin (winner), Jahvaughnie Johnson, Lauren Malcolm, Juan Martinez

Club Leader of the Year – Recognizing a student who has brought significant change and positively impacted their student organization.

Nominees: Alexander Hiller, Philip Huertas (winner), Turquoise J. Martin, Afroditi Milisi, Bobburkhuja Sodikkhuja

Distinguished Leadership Award – Recognizing a student who has embodied leadership and service to the campus community.

Nominees: Shirley Alvarez, Djenabou Bah (winner), Philip Huertas, Sekou Koulibaly

Involved Student of the Year – Recognizing a student who demonstrates significant involvement in multiple aspects of campus life beyond the classroom.

Nominees: Masuma Begum (winner), Philip Huertas, Afroditi Milisi, Romy Robielos II, Shaina Vallejos

Outstanding Service Award – Recognizing a student who has demonstrated significant contributions through BMCC-initiated civic engagement and community service.

Nominees: Zainab Elrowmeim, Christopher Hill, Philip Huertas (winner), Hilary Ozuna Calzado

Panther Spirit Award – Recognizing a student who embodies the BMCC school spirit and bleeds orange and blue.

Nominee/Winner: Timothy Hardial

Peer Mentor of the Year – Recognizing a student who has distinguished themselves by going above and beyond their role to provide help and support to fellow students in a mentoring program on campus.

Nominees: Melinda Myers, Abraham Ostos, Kateryna Rozhko, Michael Seifert (winner), Salatiel Vida Zapata

Program Impact Award – Recognizing a student who has made a significant impact through their commitment to a departmental program and/or service.

Nominees: Rosemary Chang, Leanna Feliciano (winner), Monica Garcia-Montes, Kevin Murriell, Rohan Sharma

Researcher of the Year – Recognizing a student whose overall contribution to undergraduate research programs excelled well beyond classroom requirements.

Nominees: Loreta Avdiu, Claudia Melo (winner), Jairo Molina, Elvin Shoyfer, Afaf Ulay

Scholar Leader Award – Recognizing a student who has balanced life inside and outside of the classroom by exhibiting significant leadership on campus while maintaining academic excellence (GPA of 3.5 or higher).

Nominees: Fifa Atef, Lamarana Diallo (winner), Olivia Diallo, Leanna Feliciano, Philip Huertas

Trailblazer of the Year – Recognizing a student who has brought significant change and profoundly impacted the campus.

Nominees: Philip Huertas, Mehmet Sahin (winner)

  • Awards celebrate the success of students outside the classroom
  • BMCC faculty and staff nominated the students in each of the categories
  • Winners were announced during a ceremony on May 23

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