One New Major Opens Many Doors

BMCC professor Sandra Poster discussing new Communication Studies program.

BMCC professor Sandra Poster discussing new Communication Studies program.
March 23, 2012

“Communicate, communicate, communicate.”

That’s the advice passed on by BMCC professor Sandra Poster, and which she heard recently at a wedding, on how to make a marriage last.

It also happens to be very good advice for how make a career last—and thrive.

Strong communication skills—listening, critical thinking, writing and speaking—are the common denominator for success across a wide span of industries including marketing research, law, public affairs, journalism, advertising, not-for-profit management, community relations, human resources, counseling, and many others.

Step one: Major in communication studies

The first step in accessing a communication-related career path is earning a degree in communication studies—an option now available to BMCC students as they register for Fall 2012.

In today’s workplace, “We are just saturated in communication, and people who do that well, can have quite a career,” said Professor Poster, who teaches in BMCC’s Department of Speech, Communications & Theatre Arts.

The demand for communication professionals has been amplified by the emergence of new technologies, which in turn have globalized business and service industries. Professionals who can communicate across cultures, and through constantly evolving media, find themselves in high demand.

“Success comes from getting what’s in your head and heart into someone else’s head and heart,” as Poster describes it.

Step two: Build a foundation

Students majoring in communication studies at BMCC will build their ability to communicate in one-on-one and small group situations, as well as to vast audiences, nationally and worldwide.  

Courses will cover communication issues and strategies in interpersonal and intercultural contexts, and explore vital industry topics such as conflict resolution and the mass media.

Electives will range from business, technology and social science classes, while internships— located in industries as diverse as the communications field, itself—will enable students to apply what they’re learning, in a professional setting.

Step three: Take it to the next level

Graduates of BMCC’s communication studies program will earn an Associate of Arts degree in Communication Studies, and be on track to transfer into the Communication Studies program  at Brooklyn College, or the CUNY Online B.A. Program in Culture and Communication.

They also will be eligible to transfer to other CUNY schools, and many public and private colleges and universities outside the CUNY system.

“A degree in communication studies really does prepare students to ‘Start Here and Go Anywhere’,” said Eva I. Kolbusz-Kijne, Deputy Chair of the Speech, Communications & Theatre Arts department.

“Historically, the communications field has been very good for women, minorities, and entrepreneurs—and our students have a strong entrepreneurial spirit,” added Professor Poster.

For more information on BMCC’s new Communication Studies program, call 212-220-8090, or visit the Speech Department on BMCC’s main campus, 199 Chambers Street, Room N665.

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  • Students registering for Fall 2012 can now major in Communication Studies
  • Not a technical production or writing major, the program focuses on communication in a multicultural, multi-media context
  • Transfer options include the Communication Studies program at Brooklyn College, CUNY Online BA Program in Culture and Communication, and many others

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