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Math Meet

October 17, 2012

BMCC’s Mathematics Major Committee recently hosted a Welcome Orientation, where math professors provided new students with graduation and career advice.

“We’re here to help you become mathematicians,” said Annie Han, Chair of the Mathematics department.

Scholarship coordinator Sussie Gymafi spoke about scholarships available for full-time and part-time students and math professors Ke Xin, Oleg Muzician, and Margaret Dean talked about elective courses that may be of interest to math-oriented students.

Dr. Sadie Bragg, BMCC’s Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, stopped by Richard Harris Terrace to meet the new math majors.

“I taught math at BMCC—I do miss it,” she said. “However, I use a lot of math in my administration.”

After Bragg meet C-STEP and S-STEM students, and learned about their research projects, student Suzette Kinlaw introduced herself to Bragg.

“I’m a math major because I like challenges and learning new skills,” she said. “I like seeing something through to the end, which is what math is all about.”

Bragg told Kinlaw, “You use math in everyday problem solving; for skills you need in life and the workplace. Always follow your passion, with a math major you can go anywhere you want.”

Computer Science major Samir Mohammed is a member of BMCC’s Math Club.

“Computer science is basically applied mathematics,” he said, at the orientation. “In Math Club, you solve interesting problems that aren’t part of traditional math curriculums.”

Professor Jason Samuels is the advisor for the BMCC Math Club.

“We’re always looking for new members,” he said, encouraging students to check out the club.

Professor Morgulis, who coordinated the orientation, thought it went well.

“We had more than 50 students attending the event,” she said. “I asked some of the returning math majors to serve as Peer Mentors for new students and this was a great experience for all.”

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