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There's Hope with COPE

BMCC’s COPE program director, Sondra Salley
BMCC’s COPE program director, Sondra Salley
July 16, 2012

BMCC’s COPE program helps reduce student barriers to education and employment.

COPE, which stands for College Opportunity to Prepare for Employment, has offices on CUNY campuses in all five boroughs.

Founded by CUNY and the Financial Independence Administration of HRA (the city’s Human Resources Administration), COPE provides support services to those on Family Assistance and Safety Net Assistance who enroll in CUNY undergraduate degree programs.

“I’m always thinking of ways to help students manage BMCC and their personal lives," says Program Director Sondra Salley.

The range of services COPE offers includes help with class scheduling, child care, housing, preparation for HRA appointments, job interviews, and more.

Clothing drive

Recently, all-natural baby clothes were donated to the program, and made available to COPE and BMCC students. Campaigns like this help raise awareness about COPE’s offerings.

“The baby clothes went fast,” says Judy Ramirez, Administration Assistant for COPE. “The people who came for them were so appreciative and grateful.”

Last winter, COPE had new, winter coats available for students who needed them.

“COPE students have first priority when it comes to clothing, while the supplies last,” says Salley, who spreads the word about COPE campaigns via word-of-mouth, and emails.

COPE also helps students seeking business attire by connecting them to donation centers that offer new, professional work clothes.

Here for you

Brenda Garcia, a Business Administration major who works in the COPE office, says part of one's college experience is "asking for help when you need it."

“Students shouldn’t be shy coming here; everyone’s life experience is different,” she says. “Whether you need career clothes, course guidance, or job advice, don’t be afraid to stop by.”

The COPE office is located at M-1216B in the Murray building.


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