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Family, Friends, and Veterans

May 18, 2012

BMCC’s student veterans and their families recently teamed up with the Early Childhood Center to host a Family Fun day.

The Early Childhood children and the children of student veterans danced, cheered, met 'Superheroes' and even bounced around in an inflatable bounce house.

According to Eric Rafford, Treasurer the Organization for Student Veterans (OSV), who coordinated the event, Family Fun Day gave student veterans the opportunity to spend time with their families on the BMCC campus.

BMCC veterans counselor Eric Glaude called the event, “From Warzone to Home.”

“We wanted to co-host this event with the Early Childhood Center as a means of introducing other organizations to the student veterans,” he said.

The student veterans graduating this semester received special awards, as did BMCC staffers who showed support to student veterans over the years.

Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor and motivational speaker Tonya Kerry spoke at Family Fun Day, encouraging veterans to follow their dreams without doubting themselves.

“Someone once told me ‘powerful people get the job done,’” said Kerry. “I think about that in the morning when my alarm clock goes off. I want to hit the ‘snooze’ button, but I get up because I don’t want my life, my goals, to ‘snooze’ away. Let your feet touch the floor when that clock goes off rather than putting your life on snooze. Move forward.”

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