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Chancellor Announces Diversity Action Plan

May 16, 2012
In a recent statement to the CUNY community, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein announced The City University of New York's Diversity Action Plan, "Building on a Strong Foundation: A Strategy for Enhancing CUNY's Leadership in the Areas of Faculty Diversity and Inclusion."

The Diversity Action Plan was prepared by the Ad Hoc Committee on Strengthening Faculty Diversity, a committee comprised of trustees, members of the chancellery, presidents, and faculty and student representatives, the Chancellor explained, adding that the plan is designed to achieve the University's goal of further promoting a supportive work environment and an inclusive university community, which are essential to organizational effectiveness.

“Last spring, I wrote to you that I had appointed a Diversity Study Steering Committee and had asked Cambridge Hill Partners, a consulting firm with extensive experience in the areas of diversity and strategic planning, to work with Vice Chancellor Gloriana Waters and Dean Jennifer Rubain to assess CUNY's recruitment and retention challenges and opportunities,” said the Chancellor.

“Their efforts resulted in the completion of a study that identified best practices to recruit and retain faculty and promote inclusion. I thank you for your assistance in completing the anonymous survey, participating in the strategy sessions, and providing valuable information to the study group through a variety of forums. The study presented an opportunity to refocus our attention and develop the plan for action.”

CUNY’s commitment to faculty diversity and to fostering a climate of inclusion across the University is well established.

“Our dedication to diversity is reflected in our student body and among our faculty and staff,” the Chancellor writes in his statement. “In recent years, the University has reaffirmed its commitment to transformative change to ensure that diversity and inclusion remain central to our core values. The Diversity Action Plan will continue to build on our successes.”

Faculty will play a critical role in advancing diversity and inclusion on all our campuses, and the Chancellor expressed confidence that with the support of the University community, “CUNY will remain a leader in building a supportive environment that enhances our academic mission.”

Click HERE to read the Diversity Action Plan, including the Diversity Study report, in their entirety.

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  • Ad Hoc Committee on Strengthening Faculty Diversity prepared the plan
  • Goals are a supportive work environment and inclusive university community
  • Plan also supports organizational effectiveness

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