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Hats off to “Two”

March 16, 2012

BMCC is home to a group of scholars who pledge to obtain their associate’s degree in two years—no matter how intense their workload may get.

Out in Two is a scholarship program BMCC President Antonio Pérez introduced more than ten years ago. This semester, seven students were awarded Out in Two scholarships.

The Spring 2012 Out in Two scholars are Bobbea Bermudez, Zeeshaan Khokhar, Colman Ma, Steven Nurhan, Tabitha Rinko-Gay, Tsholofelo (Stephanie) Stewart, Sebastian Suarez, and Chuyu Zhang.

They will each receive $1,600 per semester, for the next three semesters, until they graduate from BMCC.

Welcoming the challenge

Out in Two scholars must also take a minimum of 15 course credits per semester, maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0, and commit to community service. They also receive personalized tutoring and priority course registration.

The newest scholars recently attended an Induction Ceremony at the Hudson Room.

Out in Two Coordinator Mary Quezada told the scholars they “represent success.”

President Pérez shook hands with all the newly minted scholars, and handed them each a wood-framed certificate and a BMCC keychain.

BMCC’s leaders

Anabel Pérez, current President of the Out in Two Club enjoys keeping all Out in Two recipients updated on cultural and academic events occurring at BMCC and in Manhattan.

Pérez spoke at the recent induction, introducing herself to the new honorees.
“We all share the same goal—to succeed and become leaders,” she said.

A family affair

Two of this year’s Out in Two inductees have a sibling affiliated with the scholarship.

“My sister graduated from BMCC and she was also an Out in Two scholar six years ago,” said Zeeshaan Khokhar, a Computer Network Technology major. “She motivated me to apply for the Out in Two scholarship.”

Inductee Bobbea Bermudez’s brother also attends BMCC and received an Out in Two scholarship last year.

“I’m looking forward to the volunteer opportunities,” says Bermudez, an aspiring nurse. “It’s great to give back to the community however you can.”

In past years, Out in Two scholars have operated clothing drives, packaged canned goods at City Harvest, and more.

Leaders in training

Liberal Arts major Stephanie Stewart is an aspiring journalist and lawyer. Currently expecting child number two, Stewart isn’t worried about her family/college balance affecting her career goals.

“I can multitask,” smiled the South Africa native.

Business Administration major Steve Nurhan’s laid-back approach about Out in Two worked in his favor.

“I thought, I’ll just apply and see what never know. I had nothing to lose,” he said. Nurhan hopes to work in finance.

Tabitha Rinko-Gay, a Writing and Literature major, danced professionally before deciding to go back to school.

“If I can handle the rigors of ballet, I can definitely handle Out in Two,” she said.

Achieving Dreams

Dr. Sadie Bragg, BMCC’s Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, also met with the new scholars, telling them, “My office is there for you.”

At the Induction Ceremony, Erwin Wong, BMCC’s Dean of Academic Affairs, spoke about the crucial role community colleges play today.

“BMCC prides itself on offering students the best there is, and in turn, we get the best students,” he said. “You’re a testament for what we, as an institution, strive for.”

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  • The BMCC Out in Two scholarship is an academic program designed to help students graduate within two consecutive years
  • Participants who meet program guidelines receive a scholarship award in each of their last three consecutive semesters

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