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Put BMCC in the Palm of Your Hand

March 7, 2012

Last year, there were almost 375,000 visits to the BMCC Web site from a mobile device—over twice as many as the year before.

This surge reflects the proliferation of so-called “smartphones” on today’s college campus. It also sends a clear message: The best way to reach BMCC students, and for BMCC students to quickly learn about their college, is through their mobile devices.

The new BMCC Mobile application makes this possible.

By downloading the free BMCC Mobile app at the Apple App Store or Android Market, students can conduct much of the business of school, right on their phones. They can browse the course catalogue, check the location of a special event on campus, link to the BMCC library, find their professor’s office hours, and even consult a map to see exactly where their class meets.

As BMCC Liberal Arts major Veronica Tanikie puts it, “I think it’s great that we’re going to have this BMCC app. It’s very convenient to students. Mostly all teenagers or young adults, and even older adults have smartphones now, and they’re more into the modern technology. We may not be at home or at the right place to check our computers, but it’s easy to check your phone, if you’re out or in transit.”

To her, the app reflects well on the school she’s chosen.

“Some colleges have an app, but not too many,” Tanikie says. “I like it that I go to a college that’s ahead of the curve in the area of technology. It tells you that the school is willing to invest in everybody moving up with the latest technology.”

Click here to learn more about BMCC Mobile.

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  • The BMCC Web site showed 375,000 hits from mobile phones last year
  • That’s twice the number of hits, from the year before
  • The new BMCC App will enable mobile phone users to instantly access school info
  • BMCC Mobile is available on App Store and the Android Market.

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