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BMCC is “Family”

June 20, 2011

No matter where you work, staffers come and go. And some come and stay…

BMCC is home to eight Civil Service employees who have worked at the college for 20 years or more. They have watched BMCC grow and change since the 1970s, through the 80s and 90s, and into today.

These eight Civil Service Employees—non-teaching, municipal staffers who are members of the DC37 union—were honored recently at a formal Luncheon held at Richard Harris Terrace.

It happened that year

Robert E. Diaz, Vice President, Legal Affairs and Staff Relations, provided the opening remarks, highlighting tidbits associated with each honoree’s anniversary year.

“In 1981, a stamp was only 18 cents—and that’s the same year Debbie Lane came to work at BMCC,” Diaz said, continuing with, “In 1986, Luther Lee came to BMCC and the Mets won the World Series.”

The twenty-somethings

Employees Greta Schofield, an accountant for the college, and Ana Daniels of the Center for Ethnic Studies, were honored by Dr. Sadie Bragg, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, for their 20 years of service to BMCC.

“Greta is remarkable—always efficient and always makes sure everything runs right,” said Bragg.

Patricia Mathews, Director of the Center for Ethnic Studies, praised her colleague Ana Daniels, a BMCC alum.

“Ana is the rock of the center—she brings us joy, support and sanity.”

Daniels recalls when it took “three days of waiting on line” to register for classes at BMCC.

“The technology has changed so much over the years—it’s great,” she says.

According to Bragg, “everyone on the sixth floor of the main campus knows Ana,” confiding to the Luncheon guests that Daniels, “sneaks me candy whenever I walk past her.”

Daniels calls BMCC “my second home. I have many friends here and it’s so wonderful and fun to work here. BMCC is my extended family.”

Twenty five and still counting

Luther Lee of Buildings & Grounds oversees the hundreds of packages that arrive on campus every day. He was honored for 25 years of service to BMCC.

“Luther has worked on all the floors and fills orders,” said Scott Anderson, Vice President of Administration and Planning for BMCC. “He keeps track of all the supplies we need to run this building.”

A video showed Luther’s ‘office’—the stockroom where deliveries are stored for distribution.

“The departments don’t look the same way they did in 1986, that’s for sure,” said Lee. “Especially the Library and the Learning Resource Center—they look so different now; much larger. And, of course, we have more students.”

Terrific thirty

Deborah Lane—known as “Miss Debbie”—is an administrative assistant in the Department of Allied Health Science. Lane was honored for 30 years of dedication to BMCC.

In fact, she started out as a part-time temp, and worked in the Bursar’s office, before moving into Allied Health.

“I got comfortable here,” she said.

“Debbie promised me she won’t retire until I do,” joked Everett Flannery, Chairperson of the Department of Allied Health Sciences.

Fabulous forty

And last, but not least, Janice Krigger, always known as “Ms. Krigger,” Secretary of the Music and Art department, received a standing ovation for her 40 years of service to BMCC.

“She’s responsible and gets everything done. As a department, we love her so much,” said Rochelle Weinstein, Chairperson, Music and Art.  “We also both know many things about the college you don’t know, and we’re not going to tell you!”


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  • Eight employees honored with gift, reception for their dedication to BMCC
  • Janice Krigger of the Music and Art Department received standing ovation for 40 years of service

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