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Lucky Lanzas

Three of seven Lanza Scholars: Santoshi Thakuri, My Thanh Duong and Barton Campbell.
Three of seven Lanza Scholars: Santoshi Thakuri, My Thanh Duong and Barton Campbell.
May 11, 2011

Since 1999, the Lanza Family Foundation has given more than a quarter of a million dollars to BMCC for Nursing and Allied Health scholarships. To date, more than 50 students have benefited from their generosity.

In honor of Patricia Lanza’s support of healthcare education, last year BMCC officially named its simulation lab The Lanza Family Medical Simulation Laboratory. 

Accompanied by her son, Anthony, Patricia Lanza proudly attended the event.
Her late husband, Frank, was also an avid supporter of BMCC, especially of the college’s high-tech medical simulation lab on the seventh floor of the main campus.

The Lanza scholarship provides $1,400 a semester in aid. Seven Lanza scholarships were awarded to BMCC students for this semester. They were Nursing majors Janet Kristen Alaia, My Thanh Duong, Ricky Fung, Sunita Pannachan and Santoshi Thakuri, and Respiratory Therapy majors Barton Campbell and Lubana Palia.

The Lanza scholarship program is administered through the BMCC Foundation. To qualify, recipients must complete at least one semester of study with a minimum of 12 credits at BMCC, maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and demonstrate financial need. They also had to submit an essay about why they desire a Foundation scholarship.

BMCC—a “second chance” for some

“My father passed away on Oct 17, 2010. I suffered the loss of a loved one and the loss of finances because my father was the one who supported my education,” says My Thanh Duong. “Despite these circumstances, I motivated myself to move forward. Thanks to the Lanza family, I was able to continue my nursing education at BMCC.”

Aspiring midwife and nurse practitioner Janet Kristen Alaia sent a thank you letter to Patricia Lanza for her donation to BMCC.

“Many days are a juggling act for me, running from class to work and sometimes having to leave class a little early so I can get to work on time,” says the Planned Parenthood volunteer. “The Lanza Scholarship provided me some extra time off work that I used to study. Before the scholarship, I had working a double shift the night before most exams.”

Respiratory Therapy major Barton Campbell wrote in his Foundation essay that he needed a scholarship to help support his wife and daughter.

“BMCC has been a real second chance for me,” he said.

Once he received the Lanza Family Foundation scholarship, Campbell told Ms. Lanza: “Though the money is, of course, a much needed and appreciated addition to my family’s budget, I cannot help but admit that being recognized as a scholar thrills me to no end.”

Students grateful for recognition

“I’m amazed at how many students there are now at BMCC, and how inspirational they are,” said Patricia Lanza, who visited the simulation lab twice in the past.

One of her fondest memories was when a student contacted her after the student graduated with a nursing degree.

“One of the first scholarship recipients took me out to lunch after she graduated college, as a thank you. I never forgot that,” Lanza recalls.

“The Lanza scholarship provided me with hope and hunger for betterment,” said Santoshi Thakuri. “It encouraged me to not give up on hardship, and helped me understand what, ‘where there is a will, there is a way,’ means.”

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