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“Trouble” for BMCC President Antonio Pérez

March 31, 2011

The children in Glenda Torres’ class at the Early Childhood Center recently had a special visitor stop by their classroom—BMCC President Antonio Pérez.

Pérez was there to read a book to the children. He chose to read Always in Trouble by Corinne Demas.

As the children patiently waited for “The President” to visit, they sang classic songs such as “The Wheels on the Bus…” and “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider.”

The animal connection

For storytime with President Pérez, the children sat in a corner of the “Orange” classroom.

“Because this book was about an animal, and you children like animals so much, I’m wearing a tie with animals on it,” Pérez said, making himself comfortable on a child-sized chair.

And with that, the children shared their pets' names with Pérez, such as “Milo” and “Snowball,” engaging the President in a lively discussion about which animals made better pets—dogs or cats.

Pérez told the students that his son once had a cat named “Sneakers.”

“I like that name. That’s a nice name for a cat,” said one student, cheerfully.

“We once had a dog named Brutus,” said Pérez to his captive audience.

“That’s a nice name, too!”

Sharing laughs with the children

Always in Trouble, which the President read aloud to the students while showing them the pictures, is about a dog named "Toby" who must go to obedience school because he’s always causing trouble at home. 

Pérez generated many laughs when he read the part about Toby having “accidents” on the carpet.

“Eww!” laughed the children.

When Pérez asked the children what sound a dog makes, they responded with “Ruff-Ruff.”

“What about ‘aroooo?,’” asked Pérez.

“No, that’s a wolf,” one child corrected Pérez.

At the end of the book, Toby transforms himself into a good dog, even helping his owners with household chores. The children cheered and clapped when Toby earned his diploma from obedience school.

Lessons learned

Pérez told the children he selected this book because he wanted the children to learn some lessons from Toby the dog.

“Like Toby, you shouldn’t run into the street, or dig into the garbage, and you should listen to your parents and your teachers,” he said.

As the students agreed, sparking another lively discussion about dogs, Pérez thanked the children for “being such a wonderful audience.”

“They love when he visits,” said head teacher Glenda Torres. “They know he is the President of BMCC and always enjoy when he comes by to read to them. His visits make them feel special, and they enjoy sharing their own stories with him.”


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  • The children are treated to a classroom visit from President Antonio Pérez
  • Pérez likes animals, just like they do, he says
  • Children enjoy when Pérez shares stories about his own pets

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