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What Did You Do Over Summer Vacation?

September 22, 2010

“I must share with you that the dive into the pool at the end of the video is not a belly flop,” says Professor Fay Rogg, who holds a license as a swimming instructor. “It is the reporters adding louder music as I dive into the pool for entertainment.”

Belly flops and diving into pools isn’t what you might expect professors to comment on, when asked about their summer. It’s particularly unexpected when the professor is well past the age of retirement.

“I’m almost 70 -- I’m 69 and a half,” says Rogg. “And I run every day.”

Her daily run—five miles, to be exact—was caught by a TV crew in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she spent her vacation and challenged two News Channel 5, WPTV reporters, Thalia Hayden and Kristyn Caddell (aka Reporters on the Run), to join her.

“This is where I roll my sleeves up,” she tells the younger women, who are dressed in WPTV T-shirts, and barely keeping pace with the energetic Rogg. “I never have any music, I usually am looking up at the sky.”

Having joined the BMCC faculty in 1968 after graduating from Yale University with a Ph.D in Spanish and Latin American Language and Literature, Rogg served as Chair of the Modern Languages department for 10 years, and for the last four decades has worked to develop curricula in that department, which now boasts a full list of concentrations: French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

Her TV debut, alas was only in English.  But, “it was a very popular spot,” she says.


Editor's Note: Video courtesy of WPTV, News Channel 5, West Palm Beach, Florida.

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