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Faculty Grant Recipients Recognized for Achievements

November 30, 2017

One hundred Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) faculty secured numerous impressive grants during the 2016-2017 academic year. In honor of their achievement, faculty, staff and students gathered for a reception November 29 in Shirley Fiterman Art Gallery.

BMCC President Antonio Pérez welcomed the guests and remarks were provided by Senior Vice President and Provost of Academic Affairs Karrin E. Wilks. The event’s special speaker was Avrom Caplan, Associate University Dean for Research, who also congratulated the researchers.

Faculty and staff from a wide range of disciplines including Liberal Arts, STEM, Teacher Education, Art, Social Sciences and others engaged in 2017 research projects with focuses as diverse as documentary photography from 17th Chile, the impact of the threat of deportation on CUNY noncitizen students, game-based learning and many others.

"We are very proud of our outstanding faculty at BMCC and appreciate occasions to recognize and celebrate their good work; in this case, the impressive number who received grants over the last year," said Karrin E. Wilks, Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs. "This level of research creates unprecedented learning opportunities for our students; the success of faculty contributes directly to the success of students."

Grant recipients and their projects

David Allen, Mathematics. PSC CUNY Award: Rooted Trees over Simplcial Resolutions and DerivedFunctor Calculations.

Mathew Alley, Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice. Faculty Publication Grant: Lost City on Fallen Forest: Re-imagining Sartre’s Venice, Yesterday and Tomorrow.

Silvia Alvarez-Olarra, Modern Languages. Faculty Publication Grant: Contemporary Contemplative Cinema from Latin America.

Judith Anderson, Ethnic Studies. PSC CUNYAward:The Performance of Race,Nation and Gender in the Lives of Rita Montero and Josephine Baker.

Sharon Avni, Academic Literacy & Linguistics. Spencer Foundation grant: Network for Research in Jewish Education (NRJE) Grant.

David Bahr, English. PSC CUNY Award: Feeling My Way Through—In Search of a Lost Childhood.

Shoba Bandi-Rao, Academic Literacy & Linguistics. Faculty Development Grant: Using Prosodic Notations to Help Unskilled Readers Read Fluently.

Tracy Bealer, English. PSC CUNY Award: Podcastivism: Progressive Politics in Twenty-First Century True Crime Texts.

Joseph L. Bisz, English. Chancellor’s Research Award to finish a 200-page book on game-based learning pedagogy for faculty.

C. Ray Borck, Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice. PSC CUNY Award:The Myth of the Unteachable: Youth, Race and the Capacity of Alternative Pedagogy.

Daryl Brock, Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice. CUNY Central: Book Completion Award. PSC CUNY Award: Historical Assessment of Taiwan’s Global Aquaculture Foreign Aid and Public Diplomacy.

Migual Castro Fiolhais Nunez, Science. PSC CUNY Award: Phenomenological studies of the top quark and Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider. Summer Collaborative Research Opportunity Grants Program:Search for New Physics Effect at the Large Hadron Collider.

Yan Chen, Computer Information Systems. New Jersey Institute of Technology/NIH Grant: Framework of Assurance for Ontologies.

Ron Clare, Business Management-CUNY Community College Research Grant: Health Education through Entrepreneurship Pedagogy.

Rachel Corkle, Modern Languages. PSC CUNY Award: Late Libertine Dialogues: George Sand, Alfred DeMusset, Théophile Gautier.

Leslie Craigo, Teacher Education. PSC CUNY Award: Examining the Effects of a Content-based Peer Feedback Writing Intervention in Community College Classrooms.

Josephine Culkin, Media Arts & Technology. Chancellor’s Research Award.

Jennifer Delfino, Academic Literacy & Linguistics. CUNY Central Grant: Book Completion Award.PSC CUNY Award: Negotiating Achievements: Language, Race and Schooling Experiences Among African American Preadolescents.

Ilir Disha, Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice. PSC CUNY Award:Patterns of Immigrant Assimilation and Neighborhood Crime: A Complex Process.

Angles Donoso Macaya, Modern Languages. PSC CUNY Award:Depth of Field:Chilean Photographic Practices under Dictatorship.

Kathleen Dreyer, Library. NYS Education Department Grant:Coordinated CollectionDevelopmentAid.

Bertha Ferdman, Speech, Communications & Theatre Arts. Summer Collaborative Research Opportunity Grants Program: Theatre in the White Room: How Dramaturgy and Curatorial Practices are Intersecting in the Contemporary Arts.PSC CUNY Award: Off Sites: Contemporary Performance beyond Site-Specific.

Jose Fernandez Romero, Science. Faculty Development Grant: Anti-HIV Synergy and Broad-Spectrum ofDifferent Combinations of HIV Entry Inhibitors.

Cheryl J. Fish, English. Chancellor’s Research Fellowship:Miningand (Re)Moving Kiruna, Sweden:Sami Film and Indigenous Rights. PSC/CUNY Research Award: Sami Film and Extraction in the Arctic North.

Patrick Flink, Academic Literacy & Linguistics. PSC CUNY Award: Student Parent Education Pilot Program.

Jorge Florez, Mathematics. PSC CUNY Award: Explicit reciprocity laws for higher localfields.

Roger Foster, Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice. Faculty Publication Grant: The Proustian Roots of Adorno’s Idea of Social Criticism.

Elizabeth Fow, English. Faculty Development Grant: The Female Face of the Hero.

Rebecca Garte, Teacher Education. W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant: Comprehensive Educator Empowerment Program.

Matthew Geddis, Science. Faculty Development Grant: Elucidating the Effects of Native Hawaiian Plants on Neuronal Differentiation, Regeneration and Modulation.

Luis Gonzalez-Urbina, Science. PSC CUNY Award: Energy Transfer Enhancement Using Photonic Crys- tals For More Efficient Organic Electronics.

Racuel Goodison, English. PSC CUNY Award: Skin and Other Stories.

Annie Yi Han, Mathematics. U.S. Department of Education grant: Minority Science Engineering Improvement Program.

Revathi Iyengar, Science. PSC CUNY Award: Surface Modification of Bio-Waste For Improving Phenol Removal In Waste Water Treatment Processes.

Orlando Justo, Business Management. PSC CUNY Award: Incorporating Experience in Learning: Measuring the Impact of Practical Activities In Marketing.

Katherine Kavanagh, Speech, Communications & Theatre Arts. Faculty Publication Grant: Cigar Girl, a new musical.

Timothy Keane, English. PSC CUNY Award: Research on Belfast City for Book Chapter on Ciaran Carson’s Memoirs.

Jungah Kim, English. CUNY Book Completion Award.PSC CUNY Award: Aesthetics and the Politics of Representation in Teaching Asian American Literature.

Ahmet Kok, Computer Information Systems. National Science Foundation Grant: Fostering Student Success in Cybersecurity.

Mariya Komolova, Social Sciences, Human Services, & CriminalJustice. PSC CUNY Award:Sexual Subjectivity and Autonomy Development.

Kwasi Konadu, Ethnic Studies. Chancellor’s Research Award.

Barys Korzun, Science. PSC CUNY Award: Synthesis and Complex Characterization of Phase Relations in the CuFeS2-CuAlS2 System for Photovoltaic Applications.

Cara Kronen, Teacher Education. W.K. Kellogg Foundation: Comprehensive Educator Empowerment Program.

Adele Kudish, English. PSC CUNY Award: Analytical Fiction: An Introduction.

Levent Kurt, Science. PSC CUNY Award: Matrix Mechanics Formulation of Rigid Body Dynamics and Quantization of Kovalevskaya Top.

Jae Ki Lee, Mathematics. ASAP STEM grant: Integrated Math Major in Flipped Classroom Model. PSC CUNY: A New Way to Teach the Hypothesis Test: A Hybrid Approach between the Flipped Classroom Model and Writing across Curriculum.

Shirley Leyro, Social Sciences, HumanServices & Criminal Justice. PSC CUNY Award: Exploring the Fear, Stress and Trauma Resulting from the Vulnerability to Deportation on the Lives of CUNY Noncitizen Students.

Man Wai A. Lun, Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice. Faculty Publication Grant: Informational Review: Broadening Human Services Students Perception of Employment Opportunities in the Real World.

Carla Macchiavello, Music & Art. PSC CUNY Award: Opening Words, Connecting Beings:ThePoetic-Visual Works of Cecilia Vicuña, 1975-1980

Sarah Madole, Music & Art. Faculty Development Grant: An Attic Battle Sarcophagus from Roman Syria in its Context.

Sophie Marinez, Modern Languages. PSC CUNY Award: Sacred Twins:The Complex Dynamics between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Faculty Development Grant: Haitian and Dominican Diasporas in the United States: A Comparative Approach.

Maureen Matarese, Academic Literacy & Linguistics. Faculty Publication Grant: Responsibility in Social Work Interaction: An analysis of grammatical stance.

Chris McCarthy, Mathematics. Faculty Development Grant: Mathematical Models of Column Filters.

Michael McGee, Health Education. Faculty Development Grant: Antecedents to Romantic Relationship Formation: The Role of Sexuality Education.

Barry McKernan, Science. Chancellor’s Research Award.

Gloria McNamara, Health Education. CUNY Community College Research Grant: Health Education through Entrepreneurship Pedagogy.

Shari Mekonen, Media Arts & Technology. Chancellor’s Research Award.

Quin Minor, Science. National Science Foundation Grant: Testing the Cold Dark Matter paradigm by Constraining Dark Matter Substructure in Gravitational Lens Galaxies.

Joyce Moorman, Music & Art. PSC CUNY Award: Composition of a Piano Concerto Writing a Piano Concerto.  

Michael Morford, Music & Art.P SC CUNY Award:Summer2017: Florence Research.

Abel Navarro, Science. PSC CUNY Award: Fighting The Eutrophication of NYC Ponds And Basins: Primping Our Neighborhood. Faculty Development Grant: Primping Solid Wastes as Eco-Friendly Filters for the Bioremediation of Antibiotics.

Rafael Niyazov, Science. Chancellor’s Research Award

Kathleen Offenholley, Mathematics. National Science Foundation Grant: Improving STEM Education through Gaming Software.

Maria Pagan-Rivera, Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice. PSC CUNY Award: Voices of Latina Junior Faculty: A Call for Structured Mentoring Practices to Increase Retention of Latina Faculty in Academia.

Chun-Yi Peng, Modern Languages. PSC CUNY Award: Teaching Dialect Variation: The Case of Aspectual ‘You’ in Southern Mandarin Varieties.

Marjan Persuh, Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice. Summer Collaborative Research Opportunity Grants Program: Volitional Reflex Suppression in Octopus.

Anna Pinkas, Media Arts & Technology. PSC CUNY Award: Screen Portraits.

Jean Plaisir,Teacher Education. Foundation for Child Development. Support For The Study of Male Educators Participating in NYC’s Universal Pre-K Program.

Charles Post, Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice. Chancellor’s Research Award.

Elizabeth Primamore, English. PSC CUNY Award:Hilda Matheson, a Stage Play.

Thaddeus Radell, Music & Art. PSC CUNY Award: Group Exhibition at Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, NY.

Jessica Ramirez, Music & Art. PSC CUNY Award: Tejano [te’xano]: Identity through Sculpture.

John Reder, English. PSC CUNY Award: The Microcosmic Map of Our Human Hand.

Lesley Rennis, Health Education. CUNY Community College Research Grant: Mindfulness Across Curriculum: Exploring the Role of Contemplative Practices in Teaching andLearning.

Jean Richard, Mathematics. U.S. Departmentof Educationgrant: Opening Gateways to Student Success STEM.

Jill Richardson, English. Chancellor’s Research Award.

Rochelle Rives, English. Faculty PublicationGrant: Reading.

Anna Salvati, Computer Information Systems. National Science Foundation Grant: Fostering Student Success in Cybersecurity. National Science Foundation Grant: Broadening Stem Participation.

Lisa Sarti, Modern Languages. PSC CUNY Award: Orienting the Spectatorial Gaze: The Panoramas andthe Deceiving Fantasy of the Pictorial Space.

Kristina Varade, Modern Languages. Faculty Development Grant: European-Arab Intersections: An Examination of Hospitality. PSC CUNY award: Disrupting the Canon on the Literary Margin:Charles Lever, Anglo-Irishness and the Continent.

Chris Nettie Vinsonhaler, English. Faculty Development Grant:The Bardic Beowulf: Performance, Translation and Scholarship.

Brenda Vollman, Social Sciences, HumanServices & Criminal Justice. U.S. Department of Education Title V Collective Grant.

Janice Walters, Teacher Education. PSC CUNY Award: The Role of Resilience in the Successful Development and Implementation of an Intervention Model to Circumvent the Impact of Intergenerational Trauma and Racism among Indigenous Peoples.

Michelle Wang, Business Management. PSC CUNY Award: Using Service-Learning Research to  Enhance Job Search Preparation for People with Disabilities.

Ching-Song D. Wei, Computer Information Systems. National Science Foundation grant: Improving STEM Education through Gaming Software.

Precious Sellers-Mulhern, Counseling Center. CUNY Community College Research Grant: Mindfulness Across Curriculum: Exploring the Role of Contemplative Practices in Teaching and Learning.

Brett Sims, Mathematics. U.S. Department of Education grant: Project RISE (MSEIP).NSF sub-award grant through the Mathematics Association of America: National Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (NREUP): Modeling Cognitive Structures and Dynamics on Topological Domains.

Christopher Stein, Media Arts & Technology. CUNY/NYSDepartmentofLaborGrant: CUNYCodes.

Andrew Stout, Mathematics. PSC CUNY Grant: Endomorphisms of Artin rings, the Auto Igusazeta Function and Symmetric Linear Operators.

Hao Tang, Computer Information Systems. PSC CUNY Award: Indoor Map Learning for the Visually Impaired.

Kibrewossen Tesfagiorgis, Science. Faculty Development Grant: Investigation of Location Error in Satellite Precipitation Estimates Using a Radar-gauge Product.

Valerie Thiers-Thiam, Modern Languages. PSC CUNY Award: Resilient Women in Francophone Literature-Surviving the Camps: Female Strategies.

Ioannis Tournas, Business Management. Faculty Publication Grant: Enhancing Student Learning and Academic Success by Combining Honors Classroom Instruction with Participation in the National College Federal Reserve Challenge Competition.

Elizabeth Whitney, Speech, Communications & Theatre Arts. PSC CUNY Award: The Loldiers of Odin’s Anti-Nationalist Performance Activism in Finland. Faculty Development Grant: Dangerous Realities: Transnational Performances of Queer Community.

Lauren Wickstrom, Science. CUNY Interdisciplinary Research Grant: A Combined Treatment ofHydration Dynamical Effects for the Modeling of Protein-Ligand BindingThermodynamics. ASAP STEM grant: Redesigning STEM Gateway Courses to Reduce Attrition.

Elizabeth Wissinger, Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice. PSC CUNY Award: Blood Sweat and Tears: Biotechnology and the Future of Wearable Tech. Faculty Publication Grant: Wearable Tech and the Gendered Body.

Lina Wu, Mathematics. Faculty Development Grant; Solving Liouville-type Problems onManiforlds with Poincare-sobolev Inequality by Broadening Finite Q-en-ergy to Infinite Q-energy.

Chiaki Yanagisawa, Science. PSC Cuny Award: Study of Neutrino Properties and Search for Proton Decay. Chancellor’s Research Award.

Meryem Zaman, Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice. Faculty Development Grant: Transforming Discourses: Sacred Stories, Islamic Authority and Women.

Shengkun Zhang, Science. PSC CUNY Award: Ultrafast Carrier Relaxation Study in Self-assembled Cd Se Quantum Dots.


Resources for faculty researchers include the BMCC Office of Research and Scholarly Inquiry, which provides training and support for faculty and student researchers. For more information, call (212) 220-8320, Ext. 7980.

Another resource is the BMCC Office of Sponsored Programs, which offers a wide range of resources to faculty and staff as they search for external funding, develop proposals and manage funded projects. For more information, call (212) 220-8010.

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