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BMCC Applauds Faculty for Excellence in Research and Scholarly Work

November 30, 2016

A reception honoring faculty and staff whose research and scholarly work has been awarded funding in the last year will be held at 5:00 p.m., December 1, in the Shirley Fiterman Art Center. BMCC President Antonio Pérez and Senior Vice President and Provost Karrin Wilks will host the event.

BMCC faculty are mentors to student researchers in programs including Computer Information Systems, Modern Languages, Mathematics, Music and Art, and many others. These research projects engage students in a number of disciplines and give them valuable experience as they move forward in their academic careers. Research conducted by BMCC faculty also raises the college's profile among other leading higher education institutions nationwide.

Grant Recipients, A-C

Mahmoud K. Ardebili (Science), Sharon Avni (Academic Literacy and Linguistics), Mohammad Azhar (Computer Information Systems), Helene Bach (Office of Research and Scholarly Inquiry), David Bahr (English), Christa Baiada (English), Shoba Bandi-Rao (Academic Literacy and Linguistics), Tracy Bealer (English), Steven J. Belluscio (English), Mario F. Benavides (Science), Simon Carr (Music and Art), Yan Chen (Computer Information Systems), Tzu-Wen Cheng (Speech, Communications and Theatre Arts), Francisca Coalla (Modern Languages), Katherine Conway (Business Management) and Rachel Corkle (Modern Languages).

Grant Recipients, D-J 

Daniel DePaulo (Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice), Alex D'Erizans (Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice), Maria Donoso Macaya (Modern Languages), Kathleen Dreyer (BMCC Library), Ozgur Ecevit (Science), Bertha C. Ferdman (Speech, Communications and Theatre Arts), Cheryl J. Fish (English), Kathleen E. Ford (Science), Erik E. Freas (Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice), Lisa A. Grace (Health Education), Alyse Hachey (Teacher Education), Yi Han (Mathematics), Hardaye Hansen (Health Education), Ainoa Inigo (Modern Languages), Lalitha Jayant (Science), Rebecca W. Johnson (Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice) and Orlando Justo (Business Management).

Grant Recipients, K-M

Jungah Kim (English), Ahmet Mete Kok (Computer Information Systems), Eva I. Kolbusz-Kijne (Speech, Communications and Theatre Arts), Kwasi Konadu (Center for Ethnic Studies), Geoffrey D. Klock (English), Cara Kronen (Teacher Education), Adele Kudish (English), Leigh C. LaBerge (English), Jae Ki Lee (Mathematics), Jun Liang (Science), Ling Luo (Modern Languages) Yolanda Martin (Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice), Maureen T. Matarese (Academic Literacy and Linguistics), Desmond Barry McKernan (Science), Quinn Minor (Science) and Joyce E. Moorman (Music and Art) and Soniya Munshi (Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice).

Grant Recipients, N-S 

Abel E. Navarro (Science), Phyllis Niles (BMCC Library), Kathleen Offenholley (Mathematics), Marjan Persuh (Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice), Charles Post (Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice), Jean Plaisir (Teacher Education), Brian Rafferty (Science), Khushmand Rajendran (Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice), Jean Richard (Mathematics), Rochelle L. Rives (English), Anna Salvati (Computer Information Systems), Lisa Sarti (Modern Languages), Jason F. Samuels (Mathematics), Brett A. Sims (Mathematics), Jill F. Strauss (Speech, Communications and Theatre Art), Yuliya Shneyderman (Health Education) and Francisca Suarez-Coalla (Modern Languages).

Grant Recipients, T-Z

Hao Tang (Computer Information Systems), Kibrewossen Tesfagiorgis (Science), Shalva Tsiklauri (Science), Janice A. Walters (Teacher Education), Michelle Wang (Business Management), Jamie Warren (Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice), Cynthia S. Wiseman (Academic Literacy and Linguistics), Claire Wladis (Mathematics), Meryem F. Zaman (Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice), Shengkun Zhang (Science) and Naida Zukic (Speech, Communications and Theatre Arts).

The BMCC Office of Grants and Research Administration offers a wide range of resources to faculty and staff as they search for external funding sources, develop proposals and manage funded projects. For more information, call (212) 220-8010.

The BMCC Office of Research and Scholarly Inquiry provides training and support for faculty and student researchers, as well as providing Core Student Research Laboratories in a number of disciplines. For more information, call (212) 220-8320, Ext. 7980. 








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  • More than 75 faculty honored for funded research and scholarly work
  • Honorees represent wide range of academic disciplines
  • BMCC leads nationally in higher education with cutting-edge research

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