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Science for Forensics Makes Top Degrees List

July 23, 2014 recently posted an article, “6 extraordinary community college degrees in New York,” featuring the Science for Forensics program at BMCC.

“These outside-the-box, two-year degrees are largely driven by and designed according to local demands, and they are few and far between in many other locales. Here are six two-year degrees, in no particular order, that you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere,” the article states.

The BMCC joint degree program in Science for Forensics allows students to first complete an A.S. in Science for Forensics degree and then transfer to the B.S. in Forensic Science program at John Jay College.

BMCC also offers an array of support programs to guide the success of eligible students, including peer mentors and a pre-freshman forensics immersion program.

Forensic scientists play a vital role in criminal investigations, providing DNA analyses as well as toxicology, ballistics and other reports that create a basis for expert opinions serving either the defense or prosecution in criminal investigations. They also focus on areas such as product liability and compliance with environmental laws.

Graduates of the BMCC Science for Forensics program who complete the bachelor’s degree program at John Jay College find opportunities for employment within the Drug Enforcement Administration, the New York Police Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, and other agencies.

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