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Life Unfolding Through Art

BMCC student artists Anthony Espinosa and Vanessa Medina with Prof. Sarah Haviland and MEOC Director Dr. John L. Graham
BMCC student artists Anthony Espinosa and Vanessa Medina with Prof. Sarah Haviland and MEOC Director Dr. John L. Graham
October 21, 2013

When BMCC’s Music and Art Department relocated from the first floor of BMCC's main building to large, spacious studios in the all-new Miles and Shirley Fiterman Hall, students were just as excited as their professors.

The college’s new art space made it easier for groups of students to work on large-scale projects such “Life Unfolding,” a commissioned piece of artwork built by some very talented BMCC students.

It was the SUNY Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center (MEOC), located in uptown, that commissioned the special artwork. Many MEOC graduates attend BMCC after they obtain their GEDs under the guidance of MEOC.

Last year, MEOC staffers approached Dr. Sadie Bragg, BMCC's former Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, asking if Sculpture Club students would be interested in creating artwork for a community room at MEOC.

“Life Unfolding” was recently unveiled at MEOC in a formal ceremony which celebrated the power of artwork and the generosity of the BMCC students who donated their time—and creative minds—to complete the project.

Getting creative

Last year, members of the BMCC Sculpture Club composed the initial design for the project. After studying various shapes, a 3D model came together, and the sculpture was constructed from amendable birch plywood and acrylic.

All summer and fall, students Vanessa Medina, Harold Tandjung, and Anthony Espinosa worked diligently to build, paint, and gild the sculpture. In fact, Medina, Tandjung, and Espinosa were so dedicated to “Life Unfolding,” they all returned to BMCC after they graduated to complete the artwork.

“It was a carefully planned, ambitious design that required many hours of labor to finish, but the students and I are very proud of the final results,” says Professor Sarah Haviland, advisor to the Sculpture Club, who oversaw the project.

Thanking the students

Dr. John L. Graham, MEOC’s Executive Director, thanked BMCC students “for being so creative and authentic in their ideas on this initiative.”

He added: “I am very pleased that we have accomplished together a very important project to help accentuate the value and virtue of the MEOC in full support and partnership with BMCC.”

The commissioned artwork is currently on display on a main wall at the MEOC.

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  • Sculpture Club students created artwork for the MEOC
  • Titled "Life Unfolding" the sculpture was a labor of love for art-oriented students
  • 'Life Unfolding" currently hangs in a community room at the MEOC

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