Magazine Multi-tasker

May 19, 2011

The always on-the-go, happy-go-lucky Dolly Del Rosario laughs when asked the question, “Do you ever rest?”

“Nope!” is her reply, with a smile.

The BMCC alumna has a myriad of—quite different!—jobs, but she’s used to multi-tasking. After all, it was a skill she picked up during her BMCC days.

“When I was at BMCC, I also worked as a clerk in a law firm and then for the City of New York,” says the Accounting major, who graduated in 1997. “At times, it was tricky to balance work and my courses, but overall it was a wonderful learning experience. Plus, my employers at the law firm were really proud of me for going to school.”

She adds, “I want BMCC students to know if I can balance a job and classes, they can, too.”

After BMCC, Del Rosario continued working for the City of New York, and graduated from CUNY Baruch.

Growing with the city

Over the years, Del Rosario has worked in contracting, account receivables and conciliation for the City.

“I grew with the City of New York—both academically and professionally, you can say,” says Del Rosario, who worked her way up to Administration Manager. “Once I graduated from Baruch, I was given more responsibility at work. That’s why I always stress the value of an education and a degree. And accounting has always come into play, in some capacity, at every job I’ve ever had.”

And that includes working as the Editor-in-chief of a magazine for college students.

So, not only does Del Rosario work in a professional office environment, she also oversees a magazine and engages in community service.

A magazine is born

Image for the College Life magazine, available online and in print, was launched in 1999 by a group of NYC-based college students.

“They wanted to create a magazine as a means of connecting to other colleges in New York City,” she says. “Today, thanks to the Web, we can reach students anywhere.”

Del Rosario had just graduated from Baruch when one of the College Life founders asked if she’d be interested in overseeing the magazine.

“I believe when you help someone, you teach them something of value. Throughout my life, I was fortunate to have mentors, people who believed in me, and not everyone has that,” she says. “I viewed this magazine opportunity as a way to mentor others, and give them the guidance that I had received.”

According to Del Rosario, Image for the College Life features articles about local businesses, rising entrepreneurs, healthy living, fitness, scholarships and ways women can stay safe.

“I especially love our health and business features that tell you the pros and cons of working in a certain industry. But perhaps I am biased because I want students to know if they major in accounting, they can do so much with that degree,” she says.

Spreading the good word

On behalf of the magazine, Del Rosario attended BMCC’s Health and Wellness Fair, held on campus last semester, where she handed out free College Life magazines and fitness videos.

“Students were asking us questions about health and wellness, which was great. They wanted to take control of their health. Our target audience is predominantly female students, but lots of male students asked what we’re all about,” recalls Del Rosario, who also participates in Breast Cancer and Diabetes walks throughout the city.

 “I whole-heartedly believe in education as well as helping students gain self-esteem and achieve their goals,” she continues. “I ultimately decided to work with Image for the College Life because it advocates the importance of an education, being an individual, and making smart choices.”


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  • Credits BMCC for helping her multi-task
  • Works for the City of New York and for a college magazine
  • Encourages college students to take control of their health

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