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BMCC Experts

Pre-K and K–12 Education

    • Mohammad Ahmeduzzaman

      Expertise: Teacher Education, Fatherhood, Early Childhood Education, Cultural Diversity, Childcare Management, Child Development and Learning.
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    • Kristen Cole

      Expertise: Teacher Education, Social Justice Issues, Race and Ethnicity, Qualitative Research Methods, Pedagogy, Literacy, Early Childhood Education, Democracy and Schooling , Cultural Diversity, Arts in Education.
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    • Leslie Craigo

      Expertise: Teacher Education, Language and Literacy, Infant Toddlers, Early Childhood Education, Children with Special Needs, Child Development and Learning, Autism, Adult Education.
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    • Meghan Fitzgerald-Raimundo

      Expertise: Early Childhood Learning, Early Childhood Programs, Teacher Education.
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    • Rebecca Garte

      Expertise: Developmental Psychology; Social Development Among Children in Programs Such as Head Start; Relationship Between Social Development and Academic Achievement in Pre-School through Elementary School; Role of Inter-subjectivity in Development from Infancy to Adolescence; Attachment Theory as it Relates to Children’s Development, K-12; Impact of Culture and Cultural Difference on Children’s Development and Learning Styles.
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    • Alysse C. Hachey

      Expertise: Teaching techniques and learning techniques, Teacher Education, Pedagogy, Educational Technology, Early Childhood Education, Computing and Technology, Community Colleges, Cognitive Development, Child Development and Learning.
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    • Cara Kronen

      Expertise: Urban public schooling, school choice, college access, social foundations of education.
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    • Jean Yves Plaisir

      Expertise: Teacher Education, Language and Literacy, Early Childhood Education, Cross-Cultural Communication and International Education, Bilingual Education, Applied Linguistics.
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