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BMCC Experts

Mathematics and Statistics

    • Nikolaos Adamou

      Expertise: Statistics, Quantitative Reasoning, Quantitative Methods, Math Education, Linear Algebra.
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    • Jeff (Seungmo) Hong

      Expertise: Statistics, Scientific Reasoning, Scientific Literacy, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Probability and Statistics, Probability, Management, Macro Finance, International Finance, International Economics, Financial Engineering, Finance and Banking.
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    • Jae Ki Lee

      Expertise: Developing Alternative Algorithms; International Comparisons of Mathematics Curricula; Teaching Mathematics Using Technology; Students' Understanding of the Order of Operations (PEMDAS).
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    • Jaewoo Lee

      Expertise: Number Theory; Math Education
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    • Oleg Muzician

      Expertise: Complex Analysis and Complex Dynamical Systems.
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    • Kathleen Offenholley

      Expertise: Game-based learning, Games in Mathematics Education, Remedial Mathematics Education, Statistics Education.
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    • Marcos Zyman

      Expertise: Group Theory.
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