BMCC’s College-Division Barnes & Noble Bookstore Makes 1-Stop Shopping Easy

January 1, 1999

Textbooks are expensive and only continue to get pricier every year. BMCC’s college-division Barnes & Noble bookstore makes it easy to find bargains and to sell back what you don’t need to keep after that last exam.

LOW PRICE MATCH: If a student has proof that a competing bookstore anywhere in the five boroughs of New York is selling a textbook for less than our offered price, BMCC’s bookstore will match that price.

(Note: This offer excludes online purchases and applies to identical textbooks only.)

BUY BACKS: Throughout the year, BMCC’s Barnes & Noble College Bookstore will buy back textbooks from BMCC students. Payment amount is based on the original price and the condition of the book on the date of return.

USED BOOKS: BMCC’s Barnes & Noble College Bookstore sells used textbooks at 25% off the original selling price. We stock all the used books we can find, in order to help students save money.

In addition to coursebooks, novels, magazines, BMCC t-shirts and sweatshirts, the campus bookstore offers lots more. Here’s the shortlist:

Metrocards (fun passes; monthly unlimited cards; weekly unlimited cards; and cards in the amount of $40, $20, and $10)
Diskettes and cds
Headache relief (Advil, Bayer, Motrin, etc.)
Swim caps and goggles
Shaving cream (in case you forgot this morning)
Chemistry goggles
Calculators (many different kinds)
Candy (you got an “A” so go for it!)

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