BMCC To Name Terrace After Former Vice President For Administration, Planning and Finance G. Scott Anderson

September 24, 2020

During his 19 years as BMCC’s Vice President for Administration, Planning & Finance, Granville Scott Anderson distinguished himself as a hardworking, hard-driving, invaluable and forward-looking administrator. Now, his name and legacy will continue to live in one of the buildings he championed after the attacks of 9/11.

The City University of New York (CUNY) recently approved the naming of the terrace located on the 14th floor of Miles and Shirley Fiterman Hall, in Scott’s name. The original Fiterman Hall was destroyed as a result of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks and rebuilt with an expanded focus, including a dedicated rooftop terrace, located on the 14th floor, which serves as an event space for conferences, meetings and celebrations.

“The naming of the G. Scott Anderson Terrace is a distinct recognition of Mr. Anderson’s years of leadership, commitment and loyalty to BMCC and CUNY,” said Anthony E. Munroe, BMCC President. I have learned about Mr. Anderson’s many contributions to BMCC and his passion for implementing energy-saving and environmentally sustainable programs across the college. I am delighted to have this opportunity to honor him and his legacy.”

A formal ceremony will take place in spring 2021 to celebrate the naming of the G. Scott Anderson Terrace. Community members can make a donation to the G. Scott Anderson Memorial Fund, in support of the endowment in Scott’s name.

G. Scott Anderson, who passed away in June 2019, began his CUNY career in 1971. Over the subsequent decades, he touched countless lives as he carried out many leadership roles at campuses across the university. Members of the BMCC/CUNY community gathered with friends and family to celebrate Anderson’s life and work with a memorial ceremony on September 9, 2019.

Karrin E. Wilks, Chief Learning Strategist, New York Jobs CEO Council, said, “Scott led the college through unimaginable facilities and budgeting challenges in the aftermath of 9/11, working with his great B&G team to get 199 Chambers ready for students in just three weeks.

“Scott was at the center of the battle to get a building erected to replace the destroyed Fiterman Hall, resulting in the fall 2012 opening of the stunning Miles and Shirley Fiterman Hall,” said Wilks, who served alongside Anderson as BMCC’s Interim President and Senior Vice President and Provost. “He led efforts after Hurricane Sandy to sustain and reopen the building after Chambers was flooded with four feet of water, knocking out electrical and other systems. And we will remember Scott’s commitment to and leadership in sustainability, with the best example being that BMCC is home to the largest public solar panel installation in Manhattan, an enduring contribution of Scott’s not only to BMCC and CUNY, but to the City and to the planet.”

Wilks said Anderson’s attention detail was paramount, especially when it came to providing a quality learning environment for BMCC students.

“From the smallest detail to the most massive project, Scott approached all of his work with great care, great integrity, and deep commitment to BMCC’s mission and to the well-being of our community,” she said. “Scott believed our students, faculty and staff deserved the very best.”

Philip Berry, President of Philip Berry Associates LLC, echoes Wilks sentiments and said brought warmth and compassion to BMCC.

“Scott was indefatigable and tireless in his over and beyond contributions to the BMCC community,” Berry said. “He will be remembered for his energy, his effervescent and his everlasting smile. As a leader, there was no job or task that he could not undertake with exuberance and excellence. He had a “can do” attitude and an infectious energy and positive approach to getting things done.

“I can’t imagine a CUNY without him,” Berry added. “His image will always be indelibly implanted in my mind. He is missed and loved.”

About G. Scott Anderson

Former Vice President for Administration, Planning & Finance Granville Scott Anderson never allowed any challenge to deter him from finding a solution that was in the best interest of the college. Scott was a graduate of the City University of New York. He received an Associate of Arts degree from Queensborough Community College in 1971. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Queens College. In 1996, he received his Masters in Higher Education Administration degree from Baruch College. Scott had an enormously varied career at CUNY. In 1971 he began his service at CUNY. From 1971 to 1980 he served in a variety of positions at the CUNY Central Office, the final position being Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chancellor of the City University of New York. In 1982 Scott accepted a position at the City College of New York. He served as the Chief of Staff for the Office of the President. In January of 1987 he returned to CUNY Central to serve as Project Manager and Special Assistant to the Director of CUNY’s Office of Admissions Services. He then served as the Interim University Director of Student Affairs from December 1990 to August 1992, at which time he was appointed to serve as the Deputy Director of CUNY’s Office of Admission Services. In 1994, Scott left CUNY Central and began his association with BMCC. His first appointment at BMCC was to serve as Deputy to the President. He was subsequently appointed to serve as the Director of Human Resources and Labor Designee. He served in this capacity until October 2000 when he assumed the position of Vice President for Administration, Planning and Finance.

  • A formal ceremony will take place in spring 2021 to celebrate the naming of the G. Scott Anderson Terrace
  • Anderson, who passed away in June 2019, began his CUNY career in 1971
  • Anderson distinguished himself as a hardworking, hard-driving, invaluable and forward-looking administrator

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