BMCC Offers Opportunity for Students Displaced by Natural Disasters

October 26, 2017

Efforts are being made to help displaced students who were affected by hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The CUNY Board of Trustees recently made a decision to allow affected full-time students to pay tuition at the in-state rate and now BMCC is providing more opportunities for displaced students to earn an education through select programs.

“At BMCC we take pride in our global community, and many of our students are from areas affected by recent natural disasters, such as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands,” says Sunil Gupta, Dean of the BMCC Center for Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

To help those students out, particularly those whose incoming CUNY Assessment Test scores indicate they need support with college-level mathematics, “We are waiving all application and enrollment fees for eligible students with dislocated status due to natural disasters who are seeking to attend our BMCC Math Start program,” Dean Gupta said. “Gaining an education is a critical part of the recovery process for individuals affected by these devastating events, and we want them to know we are there for them.” 

Providing services to disaster-affected students is also a priority for Diane K. Walleser, Vice President for Enrollment Management.

“BMCC has a strong relationship with the Puerto Rican and Caribbean communities and we hope to help students whose education has been disrupted, or who have been displaced from the workplace and are looking for a fresh start,” she says. “The CUNY Board of Trustees vote to allow affected full-time students to pay tuition at the in-state rate will enable affected students at BMCC to save over $10,000 intuition.”

Additionally, she says, “Our BMCC Admissions and Financial Aid teams will match students to the right programs, as well as help them access tuition assistance grants and scholarships. We stand ready to support our Puerto Rican and Caribbean friends and family, as they seek educational goals and rebuild their lives.”

BMCC students come from more than 160 countries around the world, including those devastated by recent natural disasters. To assist in relief efforts, BMCC students set up tables throughout the College and collected a total of $1,788 so far. This effort, which includes the collection of non-perishable goods, is being led by the BMCC Office of Student Affairs in collaboration with the Caribbean Student Club at BMCC. Donations are still being accepted and can be made by contacting the Office of Student Activities at (212) 220-8160 or

Full-time students displaced by recent natural disasters and interested in entering the BMCC Math Start program through the BMCC Center for Continuing Education and Workforce Development may call LaShallah Burgess, (212) 346-8897.

Students displaced by recent natural disasters who want more information on paying tuition at the in-state level, applying for grants or other assistance, may contact the BMCC Office of Admissions:



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  • CUNY Board of Trustees votes unanimously to allow full-time students displaced by recent disasters, to pay in-state tuition
  • BMCC Center for Continuing Education and Workforce Development will waive Math Start fees for affected students
  • BMCC Admissions and Financial Aid staff will connect affected students to programs and offer access to financial aid

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