BMCC Joins CUNY Tuesday Campaign in Support of Student Scholarships

November 1, 2017

November 28 is CUNY Tuesday! Join the members of the CUNY community for an extraordinary day of giving back. #CUNYTUESDAY, a 24-hour giving campaign, is a chance for the CUNY Community everywhere to come together to show Panther Pride in BMCC, and provide essential funding to support student scholarships.

Community members can make a difference in the lives of students like BMCC Theatre Major Mia Adams. “I came to BMCC because I’m a full-time actress but I was struggling and could only get background work,” she says. “BMCC has helped me learn to be an actress, to be a director, to be a writer, to be an artist that can sing, act, do musicals.” Guided by faculty in the BMCC Theatre Program, “We do one-minute plays, we have script writing, playwriting classes, and also we have clubs such as Improv and Theatre Works Drama Club where we do productions that we learn from teachers who have inspired us.”

Adams says she never knew “how much work it was going to school and paying for school. When you don’t have that money, just the fact that you can stay in school, because somebody is helping you—it’s no longer a dream, it’s a reality. Please donate to BMCC, to the CUNY Tuesday Campaign because it will help students like me continue to become a working professional, as an artist.”

Make a donation on the BMCC CUNY Tuesday website on November 28. Help BMCC exceed its goal of $10,000 for its CUNY Tuesday campaign.

Donors can give: $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 and other amounts—so give what you can, large or small. Together we can make dreams a reality for more students like Mia Adams.

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