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March 30, 2009

According to March 26 edition of The Wall Street Journal’s Technology News and Insights, the new YouTube section, called YouTube Edu, is a result of a year’s work on the part of “Google employees using their 20% time for outside projects”.

By making the academic channels a distinct section, says the Journal, Google has now made it easier for people to deliver academic content to a broader audience. YouTube Edu lets viewers sort clips by school or number of views, and the schools offer content ranging from courses to campus events to information for prospective students, as well as faculty and student profiles.

BMCC in the forefront
While many colleges are about to tap into YouTube to share videos and stories about their faculty, courses, and students, BMCC has been ahead of the pack, according to its Executive Director of Public Affairs, Barry Rosen. “We see YouTube as an extension of our content, not just limited to our own web site, but rather as an added expansion of our reach to an audience too numerous to count.”

For example, Rosen says,”a video of ours on Professor Susan J. Brillhart of the Nursing department, where she talked about her role at a TV nurse on All My Children, drew more than 3,872 views. That’s astounding.”

BMCC on two fronts
BMCC’s YouTube content now resides in two places on You Tube EDU. Our video on preparing for the CUNY Proficiency Examination (CPE) is posted on The City University site along with videos from eight of 23 CUNY campuses. 

Clicking on BMCC’s individual site will bring the viewer to nearly 70 videos that cover the entire spectrum of life on campus, whether interviews with administrators, science, social science, English or math faculty, or a full range of videos on students who have achieved great success by overcoming great challenges.

CUNY on Youtube

BMCC on Youtube

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