BMCC Enrollment Reaches Historic Heights

September 18, 2002


September 18, 2002


One year after the attack on the World Trade Center, Borough of Manhattan Community College, the college closest to Ground Zero is seeing its highest enrollment ever. Over 18,200 students have registered in degree programs for the fall 2002 semester, 1,000 more than last fall.

In addition, the number of students taking Adult and Continuing Education classes has increased from 6,000 last fall to 7,000 in the fall of 2002.

This increase in enrollment is particularly noteworthy because one of BMCC’s buildings was severely damaged in the September 11. For three weeks after the attack on the World Trade Center, classes were suspended while the campus served as an emergency command center for the city’s rescue and recovery effort. Eight current and former students died in the attack or in the rescue effort. Consequently, college officials were worried about the impact of September 11

BMCC President Antonio Perez attributes the increase in enrollment partly to the economy. “Traditionally, when the economy is down, community colleges do better,” he said. Community colleges offer an affordable option for the first two years of college. In recent years, BMCC students have transferred to Yale, Smith, Mount Holyoke, and a number of other prestigious colleges to complete their bachelor’s degree.

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