BMCC Celebrates Classified/Civil Service Staff for Years of Service

August 17, 2021

Borough of Manhattan Community College is proud to celebrate the commitment of its Civil Service and Classified Staff who have reached milestone years during their time with our college. This year BMCC celebrates employees who have served 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years at the college. Special recognition is given to Janice Krigger from the Music and Art Department for serving 50 years at BMCC.

In a video message, BMCC President Anthony E. Munroe said, “I, personally appreciate the commitment and perseverance that all of you exhibit, even when faced with unsettling challenges. Some of you work directly with students and others more indirectly, but regardless of position, each of you has an opportunity to make an impact. Your contributions are valuable, and it is my honor and privilege to thank all of you for your continued hard work and dedication.”

20 Years of Service

Angela Gore (Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center)
Delores Perkins (Learning Resource Center)
Anthony Thomas (Buildings and Grounds)

25 Years of Service

Soy Ting-Zwerin (Buildings and Grounds)

30 Years of Service

Ana Daniels (Ethnic and Race Studies)
Juan Rufino (Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center)

35 Years of Service

Luther Lee (Buildings and Grounds)
Carmen Waldron (Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center)

40 Years of Service

Jenny Gonzalez (Academic Literacy and Linguistics)
Deborah Lane (Allied Health Sciences)

50 Years of Service

Janice Krigger (Music and Art)