BMCC Appeals to a Diverse Student Population

June 13, 2008

BMCC is gearing up for the fall by continuing to host Open Houses for prospective students. The most recent Open House was held on Thursday, June 12, in the Richard Harris Terrace. Like every other Open House at BMCC, guests in attendance were recent high school graduates, transfer students, and international students, all of whom were considering an enrollment at BMCC.

The prospective students who attended the 12noon Open House first listened to a speech from Dr. Eugene Barrios, the director of admissions at BMCC, followed by other faculty members who discussed majors at BMCC, financial aid, and class schedules. Open House sessions are held in groups of three: 12noon, 2pm, and at 5:30pm. After listening to the Admissions staff speak about BMCC, the prospective students were then given guided tours of the campus.

“We introduce students to the BMCC community, highlighting the strengths of BMCC,” says Barrios. “We want them to think of BMCC as a tool box to build their futures.”

Students Look Towards Future Goals
“Students who tour BMCC and attend the Open Houses talk to us in Admissions about their career goals and their major,” says Admissions staffer Maggie Lopez. “I have noticed an increase in the number of transfer students here, as well as incoming freshman.”

Lopez says one of BMCC’s most popular majors is Nursing, a program which has become competitive over the years. “Nursing is a very popular major” says Lopez. “We have a pre-clinical nursing program and your grades really need to be up there to stay in the program, so we encourage the nursing students to do well.” BMCC is one of the few colleges that offers a full-fledged nursing program where graduates actually graduate from BMCC as a certified nurse.

“We have someone interested in nursing at every single Open House,” Brenda Worthington, BMCC admissions officer, told the prospective students at the Open House. “The allied health sciences attracts many people because the health industry is rapidly growing.”

BMCC programs attract prospective students
Barrios said in his speech to the prospective students at the 12noon session, “We have excellent faculty and excellent programs.” He then explained that classes are even available on weekends for those who cannot attend school during the week.

Currently, Barrios estimates that BMCC has more 20 thousand individuals, at any time, enrolled in the school, along with 7 to 8 thousand in the Continuing Ed programs.

“I have friends who have been here, and I am interested in accounting,” says Romane Johnson, a prospective student who attended the 12noon Open House. Johnson read about the Open House on the BMCC Web site, and has never attended college before.

Prospective student Paul Frederic, also in attendance at the same Open House, was interested in BMCC’s Respiratory Therapy program. “They have a good program for that.” Like other students at the meeting, Frederic went on a tour of BMCC with a group.

International Students Express Interest in BMCC
Barrios also emphasized BMCC’s appeal to international students. “We are number five in the country, in terms of international students,” he said. According to Barrios, BMCC is a popular school both outside and inside the U.S. “We don’t recruit students, yet people in China, Japan, Italy, the UK…want to attend BMCC.”

The next BMCC open houses will be held on July 9 and August 5 in three sessions—12noon, 3pm, and 5:30—at 199 Chambers St.


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