African Heritage Month Celebrates the African Diaspora, Black Entrepreneurs and More

February 6, 2018

Heritage months at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) celebrate the diversity of students who come from more than 150 countries and whose perspectives deepen classroom discussions in every major.

Heritage months at BMCC also explore the diversity that happens within groups themselves, as complex histories propel global diaspora.

This year, “The African Heritage Month committee focused on showcasing the innovation and ingenuity seen throughout the African diaspora, and empowering our students to think progressively about ways to move forward,” said Ashtian Holmes, African Heritage Month Committee Chair and Director of the Urban Male Leadership Academy. “Our theme is the Sankofa Bird, an Adante Adinkra symbol that urges us to ‘gain wisdom from the past, to protect our future’.”

The month’s events kick off February 7 with an Opening Ceremony that will feature African drumming, a steel drum band, youth choir and more. 

Workshops and events will follow over the next few weeks, including a performance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches by actor David Mills; a faculty workshop, “Checking Your White Privilege”; a panel of Black Entrepreneurs and a talk, Socialism and Black Liberation, by activist Eljeer Hawkins.

A closing ceremony, African Paint Party, will feature a live DJ, an art workshop and food from the African Diaspora.

For more information, contact Ashtian Holmes at (212) 776-7276 or

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  • Heritage months at BMCC celebrate student diversity
  • African Heritage Month presents an Opening Ceremony with drumming and more, February 7
  • Events continue throughout the month and conclude with an African Paint Party on February 28

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