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Studio Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when using the studio for instructional use.

The College Lab Technician and College Assistant assigned to the studio should be on post no later than a half hour before the start of class. During this time all relevant equipment should be turned on, tested and calibrated for the class with the assistance of the Chief Engineer or his designeee.

All equipment, especially the cameras, switcher, character generator, prompter and lighting systems should be subject to rudimentary tests. Any problems should be reported to the Chief Engineer and Director of the Media Center immediately.

Students must be supervised at all times by a member of the instructional staff. Preferably, one member of the instructional staff should be in the control room and another in the studio itself. Please note that College Assistants are by definition non-instructional and should not be given supervisory assignments over students.

Students are not allowed in the studio or control room without a faculty member present.

No guests are permitted in the studio or control room without the permission of the instructor.

Equipment may only be used by students registered in the course or CCC/Media Center faculty or staff.

It is strongly suggested that extreme care be exercised in the use of lighting equipment. Please follow these precautions:

  • People must be spotted when on a ladder to avoid serious injury
  • Dimmer packs must never be overloaded
  • Patch lights only when dimmers are off to avoid damage
  • All lights must be secured to the grid by a clamp and a safety cable
  • Please ask students to bring work gloves to avoid injury
  • Only authorized personnel should change bulbs
  • NEVER point a camera at a light source
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the studio or control room at any time.

The studio and control room must be returned to proper condition at the end of class. All sets must be broken down and equipment returned to the strike position. Props must be shelved. Chairs and tables must be stacked accordingly.

The studio should be free of all refuse at the end of class. We ask that students rotate the assignment of sweeping the studio at the end of class time.

Report and log all technical problems. Please follow up with a phone message to the Chief Engineer and the Director before your next class.

Thank You.



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