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Audiovisual Services

Projection, Display, Sound, and Information Technology

Audiovisual support is available to every BMCC classroom as well as the various conference rooms and public spaces on campus. We can provide you with everything from a traditional overhead projector to a portable Windows or Macintosh computer equipped with a state of the art LCD projector and access to the Internet. These services are available for instructional use, events, conferences and meetings.

Equipment available for your use includes:

  • Windows and Macintosh computers with LCD Projection and Internet Access
  • Video Playback Systems in all popular formats, include DVD
  • CD and Audiocassette Sound Systems
  • Overhead Projectors
  • 35mm slide Projectors
  • Various other types of projectors, including Opaque and 16mm
  • Podiums
  • Sound reinforcement systems

We ask that faculty and staff requests for audiovisual be submitted at least five business days in advance. Please book equipment as early as possible to insure equipment availability.Student requests must be signed by the Director of Student Activities before they can be processed. Services to student organizations may also need the approval and participation of a faculty advisor.

Please remember the Media Center cannot make space reservations. Please see the information on obtaining a space for your event.

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