MEA 201 - Professional Development and Career Planning in Media Arts and Technology

In this course students are instructed in industry appropriate methods to creatively plan their careers. Students learn about self-assessment, career exploration, and practical job search skills. In this course, students will identify the techniques used to identify target markets, negotiate with clients, apply sound business management principles, and successfully self-promote. The course includes the following topics: how to identify and classify your career needs, interests, values, and skills; researching occupational and organizational alternatives; job search techniques and resources for employment; resume and cover letter preparation; portfolio presentation; job interviewing and follow-up.
Prerequisite: ANI 401 or two MMA 200-level courses or higher or two MMP 200-level courses or higher or two courses from VAT 161, VAT 165, VAT 171, VAT 261, VAT 265 or VAT 271.

Course Credit: 2