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Screenwriting Fellowship

Call for Applications


Thanks to a grant from the Time-Warner Foundation, the BMCC Foundation is pleased to offer a Fellowship to a minimum of five and up to ten screenwriters who are either current BMCC students or were graduated in June or August 2016.

The Fellowship will include instruction and workshops that will allow them to develop a first draft of a feature screenplay or long-form television pilot over 14 Saturdays (four hours between 10:00am - 5:00pm, plus a one-hour lunch) that will begin on Sept. 10, 2016, and will conclude with the gala presentation of readings from the completed scripts featuring professional actors in January 2017. Fellows will also participate in four weekday evening screenings/seminars (open to all) and pre-or post-seminar dinners with established screenwriters.

Fellows will be provided with transportation to all sessions, lunch for the Saturday sessions, all assigned books/films, screenwriting software, and laptop computers, which those who successfully complete the Fellowship may keep.

Applicants MUST provide the following documents in order to be considered for the Fellowship:

1. A POLISHED SHORT SCREENPLAY written in MES 153-Screenwriting, VAT 171/271-Remote Production and Editing, VAT 161/261-TV Studio Production, an equivalent course at another school, or for the BMCC Video Production Club, that is a minimum of four pages and a maximum of 40 pages in length that has undergone at least one revision; that tells a story that contains conflict and a beginning, middle, and narratively justified end; and that demonstrates an understanding of Screenplay/Teleplay format. The screenplay may be either for live actors, animation, or a combination of the two. This screenplay must be original with the applicant and may not be based on any copyrighted work or characters.

2. A PROPOSAL/TREATMENT FOR A FEATURE FILM OR LONGFORM TELEVISION SERIES PILOT (1-page minumum) that includes a description of a plot whose events justify telling at feature or series length; a brief description of the major characters that includes a fuller description of the protagonist and his or her journey; a description of the type of presentation, genre, and tone the feature/series aims to use; and the applicant’s artistic vision for the project, including the themes the applicant feels will be important to the completed script. The feature/series pilot proposal/treatment may be related to or an extension of the applicant’s short screenplay.

3. A BRIEF STATEMENT ABOUT THE APPLICANT (approximately half a page), why he or she is applying, what they hope to get out of the fellowship experience, and why they want to tell the story they are proposing.

4. THE NAME AND E-MAIL ADDRESS OF THE PROFESSOR OF THE APPLICANT’S MES 153, VAT 171/271, or VAT 161/261 class (or equivalent class at another college) and their final grade in that class.

5. A SIGNED VERSION OF THE ATTACHED ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that the majority of the sessions will be held on Saturday, that missing more than two without a valid, documented excuse will result in being dropped from the Fellowship and forfeiting the benefits that accompany it.

APPLICANTS MAY INCLUDE LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION from up to three sources who can speak to the applicant’s artistic experience, ability, and work ethic.

The application deadline is midnight on July 25, 2016;
Fellows will be named on or before August 25, 2016.

Application materials may be sent – as PDF files ONLY – to or as hard copies mailed (postmarked by July 25, 2016)/brought (by 6:00pm July 25, 2016) to:

    Prof. M. George Stevenson
    S622, Media Arts & Technology
    199 Chambers Street
    New York, NY 10007

For further information contact Prof. Stevenson at

Media Arts and Technology Dept.

199 Chambers Street, Room S622
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 346-8525

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.