Multimedia Programming and Design

The Multimedia Programming and Design Program prepares students for careers in a variety of "multimedia industries", companies and institutions that develop, produce or market multimedia products, programs or services. The program instructs students in the design and programming of computer-based interactive products that incorporate text, graphics, sound,animation and video. It also develops different types of talent, both creative and technical,with the imperative that each understands the work of the other so that they can collaborate effectively. Students must complete a specialization in multimedia programming, art and design or video production in addition to the general and core requirements.

Upon successful completion of the curriculum,students are awarded an Associate in Science degree (A.S.) and may transfer to senior institutions such as York, NYU or New York City Technical College.

Multimedia Programming and Design Program 2 Year Plan (2018-2019)

Multimedia Programming and Design Program 3 Year Plan (2018-2019)

Common Core

Required Common Core

Total Required Common Core

Flexible Core 1

Total Flexible Core
Total Common Core

Curriculum Requirements

Experiential Learning
Multimedia Discipline Sequence
Program Electives - Choose 2 courses for a total of 6 credits from:
Any 200-level or higher MMP course
Any 200-level or higher MMA course
Advised Electives - Choose 3 credits from:
XXX xxx
General Elective3
Total Curriculum Credits
Total Program Credits

1. No more than two courses in any discipline or interdisciplinary field can be used to satisfy Flexible Core requirements.
2. Students are required to take MMP 100.
3. These credits can be satisfied by taking STEM variants in the Common Core.

Please note, these requirements are effective the 2018-2019 catalog year. Please check your DegreeWorks account for your specific degree requirements as when you began at BMCC will determine your program requirements.

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