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Math Majors and Alumni

Benjamin Mills, Dean`s List, class of 2009, GPA 4.0

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I enrolled in BMCC in the Fall of 2007 as a liberal arts major.  I never had much interest in mathematics earlier in life, and had never taken anything more advanced than algebra II in high school.  In fact, during my first semester at BMCC I didn't take a single math class. 

However things changed in Spring 2008, when two classes in particular sparked my interest in mathematics: "Intermediate Algebra & Trigonometry"- MAT056 and  "Great Issues in Philosophy" - PHI 200. 

I was doing an honors project in PHI 200 about consciousness and the human mind's ability to form abstractions from the physical world.  During my studies I read Bertrand Russell's "Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy", which influenced me further.  In MAT 056 things just seemed to click and I found a real enthusiasm for pure math.  At some point in the semester I resolved myself to do an intensive self-study of precalculus in tandem with MAT 056 with the intention of testing out of MAT 206, taking calculus in the Summer, and changing my major to math.  That is exactly what happened.

Today I am on track to graduate after the Spring of 2009.  I plan to complete a dual major in Mathematics and Economics and to continue on to graduate school.  I plan to pursue a career in research.  My interests are broad, but currently center on pure mathematics, philosophy, and mathematical economics (especially microeconomic theory and game theory).

Since writing this, Ben has gone on to continue his studies at Columbia University with a double major in math and economics.

Youri St. Fleurant, class of 2004

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My experience at BMCC was initially pretty tough, I had to learn English, working full time and coping with the new environment as I’m originally from the Caribbean. I started with liberal arts major to computer science, engineering science and finally to math.

Realizing that engineering and math are the two disciplines that I was always fascinating with when I was growing up, I decided to go with math before I left BMCC.

Math is one of the disciplines in which everything that we can think of can be fit in. And interestingly, no matter what language you want to translate it (math) into, the concepts can’t be rendered or changed and so are the procedures. In other words, math is truly universal, and I always want to think and see the world in that universal angel. Think of anything, think of math!

Currently, I work for an Architecture & Engineering firm in the city. With the help of my former professors, it was a lot easier for me to get this position since I also have an associate degree in civil engineering. But, my heart is more into math so, I plan to pursue a four year program in math.

Rory Evans

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I had a great time at BMCC! I was an Out in Two Scholar, I served on the Student Senate, chaired the Media Board, and I tutored a remedial math course. BMCC was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. I chose Mathematics because I love it.

I adore the logical structure of Mathematical arguments, I love explaining Math to people who fear Math and I love the process of running into a new concept, feeling lost and overwhelmed then eventually cracking the wall of understanding that leads to learning.

I chose to complete my degree at BMCC before moving on. There are several advantages to doing this. The most important (I think) is that upon acceptance to a CUNY Senior College the Associates Degree will guarantee you 60 credits towards a baccalaureate degree.  

Currently I attend City College where I am working toward Bachelors of Arts degree in Mathematics (Pure Math Concentration). I intend to go to graduate school to do a PhD in Mathematics.  

I am also part of management team that runs a group of hotels in New York City . My math background serves me very well in my job. Some practical uses of my Math background at work are: applications software, auditing, accounting, researching data, making forecasts and analyzing the end of cycle numbers. One of the hardest benefits of a Math background to quantify is the extent to which one’s analytical thinking is strengthened. I would dare to say that this is perhaps the most powerful benefit of a Math background. In the professional world, the ability to see ideas in ways that most people cannot is a distinct advantage.

When I started at BMCC I thought it was an ordinary school. But I discovered several opportunities available to me, a dedicated faculty, well-informed staff and challenging learning environment. I soon realized that BMCC was an excellent school. I enjoyed everyday there. It is important to know that several opportunities are available to BMCC students (Scholarships, Tutoring, and Extra-curricular activities are but a few examples). Each student should take the initiative to learn about them. It is true that from BMCC one can go anywhere that he or she dreams of.

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