Borrowing and returning devices

If you are registered to take classes in fall 2022, you may come to the Library to renew or borrow a device any time the Library is open. We have Chromebooks, iPads with bluetooth keyboards, and hotspots. Proof of your fall registration is required to renew or check out a device. Please come early in the semester to check out a device as our inventory is limited! Returns will be accepted any time the Library is open.

If you can not access the building due to vaccination requirements, please email us at to make an appointment. 24 hours notice is required

When returning an iPad, please make sure that you are logged out of iCloud, Find my iPad, or any other Apple accounts. Please charge the iPad before returning it so that we can quickly confirm that you have logged out of everything.

Please call the Library staff at 212-220-1451 or email if you have any questions.

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